Sunday, February 12, 2012

Mini vacation - Florida - Day 6

Friday February 10

Our last morning in Key West. Sitting on the porch having breakfast. And then the sky opens for a downpour. I think it is supposed to make our parting easier.

Mmhh, I don't think you see the water coming from the gutters if you don't know where to look.
We have plenty of time until we have to be at the Miami Airport so we stop again at the Everglades National Park. On Monday we had decided to drive the whole way (about 38 miles) to the other end of the park on the Gulf Bay and then make our way back making as many stops depending as we have time. It was a good plan because there was one trail left close to the entrance which we could do now. Gumbo Limbo Trail! Gumbo Limbo is the name of a tree species. 
Couldn't see the spider but the web was so beautiful in the sun, almost like a CD.

We saw three of these Zebra longwing butterflies dancing around in the middle of the hammock but they came never close enough for a photo. They had a strange way to fly and it was fun watching them.
Since we had enough time we did the Anhinga Trail again which starts from the same parking lot. Today was very different than it had been on Monday. Time of the day was different and it had rained a lot since then so the water level was higher.
A vulture.  On the parking lot was a warning that they cut and destroy the rubber on your car like your windshield wipers. Luckily they must have been somewhere else.
Today the water was much clearer and we even could see the fish.

A snake!
I made a big bow around several alligators right next to the walkway. You would not believe how close some of the other visitors got to them though. Even with little children.

On Monday the female anhinga sat on the nest. Today it was the male So, they are sharing duties.
Showing off his teeth.
Come a little closer.
You had to take your time and keep looking. Some of the animals were not so easily seen. We have all heard about camouflage. 

A big mahogany tree. This is the farthest north they  grow.
Its seed pots. The ranger told us that there are lots of seeds inside. The pots open and the seeds twirl around to the ground. She says it is a lovely sight.

Outside the park and on the way to the airport we stop at "Robert is here". A nice fruit and veggie place.
Couldn't help myself. Had to buy some key limes. 
But there were lots of other nice fruit I had never seen before. And they had tastings.
And they sold gigantic milkshakes with lots of different flavors. James had sapodilla.
For more info about sapodilla   click here.

Mine was key lime since I had promised no more pie, haha. On the drive I had seen a sign:
Prevent scurvy  -  eat key lime pie!
I certainly did a lot prevention this week.

Returning the rented car, the flights, all went fine and we reached home shortly before midnight.

Saturday afternoon: thunder and snow.
And it is very, VERY cold on Sunday.

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