Saturday, May 12, 2012

... Continuing

I promised more! I got a lot of quality time with William this week ... and without Grandpa James' help. I didn't get much else done ... but it was so much fun.

I was able to put up (provisionally) the 'sun sail' ( which Sarah and Wade had given to me for my birthday. It blocks up to 90 % of the UV rays but still lets light through. I decided that I really like it very much and we will find a better way for it after James arrives (hoping that he will like it too).
I also bought a grill at 'Aldi'. It was the last one on the floor and already assembled. Helen and Ben helped me to put it up on a platform.
Now the grill can be used from the deck but does not take up any space there (and it is safer for William).

Ben reluctantly agreed to be the first user ("you don't mess with a man's wife or grill") but James gave permission in writing. 

And ... of course ... Ben did a super job. It was so delicious.
Helen likes to go and worship at St. Philiip's Episcopal Church and we like to join her. William is usually very good and doesn't mind sitting still (mostly) for an hour or so. He folds his little hands when somebody says "let's pray". He is not eager yet to go to children's chapel.
I love the banners which are at least 20 years old I was told.
William gets a little bored afterwards when the adults talk, talk, talk. He wanders off to find something interesting.
The improved deck with the outdoor carpeting (no splinters in little feet) and the sun sail got a lot of use this week. Sarah gets this photo of William with his 'Auntie's little monkey' shirt.
YES!!! Finally. Grandpa has arrived. It was almost midnight by the time his plane finally landed but Thursday morning William could not wait to give Grandpa a hug.  
Grandpa is also a good reader. 
Click here!

And a good ball player.
Click here!
Friday is trash day. James is taking the old grill apart to stash it into the big bins. Not a problem! Gone! 
I showed James the cross bookmark I had tatted for a friend with new variegated thread. James' comment: "Nice, too bad it got stained". Really? 
William is ready for a 2 mile walk around a lake.
Helen had discovered a new trail: Long Hunter State Park (link)  or (link).

Water level was really low ... results of the awful flood two years ago (just before William was born). Lake and river management is now afraid of making  another mistake.

Wildlife! To the left several deer were grazing.
William finds it interesting too.

Guess what he called them? Yes, you are right: doggies!

William wanted to walk a little too. Just like his mother who marched up the mountain in the Grand Tetons when she was 15 months.
Where did mom go?
Oh, well. Grandpa's hand is good.
Poor James. Can't wait until he doesn't have to stoop down like that. Even I still have to walk lopsided. 
When he has the hands of two people he expects to do "eine Kabine, Kabane, Kabumm" (can't translate the German, you swing the child at the last word). We can't do it too often so we told him that we would do it every time we saw a red cone on the way.
The little guy understands more than you think because he was happy with that but expected it here.


Above picture cropped.

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