Saturday, May 5, 2012

Get your William-fix here

2 nights in Paducah, 2 nights at Kentucky Lake, on the way back to Nashville on Sunday afternoon.

I need a William-Fix. And Helen delivers. She comes to visit.

Sunday evening back in the townhouse in Nashville I didn't feel like cooking and somehow was hankering a steak. Helen, Ben and William agreed to come along to Longhorn Steakhouse. It was very nice but the Lobster-Baked-Potato was a bit of a disappointment. Can't find out if you don't try, right?
William definitely liked the feast. 
Tuesday my friend Sara M. from Paducah came for the night. We had a great time talking, talking, talking.

William liked lunch on the back porch.
When he woke up from his nap he wanted to make 'light' ... one of the few words he actually says.

He actually flipped all 4 switches, three lights and one fan.

This little video clip shows that William likes to play with his lawnmower (what grandpa calls 'mowing our carpet').

Once in a while he needs a new toy. This little video clip shows him discovering shapes. Every day he gets a little better. So interesting to watch.

But what toy can be better then the back door screen?
When Helen taught evening class William had a bath in Omi's tub and went home in his pj.

Here   is a little video clip William playing in his pj already tired waiting for a parent to pick him up.
Thursday Helen, William and I had lunch at Ruby Tuesday ... and he fell on the way back to the car. His first booboo.
Afterwards Omi and William played with Noah's Arch and all the plastic animals on the guestroom bed. The guestroom doubles as hobby room. That's were the sewing machine is and Helen worked on a project.
Playing with William is not a hardship.

Except sometimes its a bit hard on Omi's body, ha-ha. Self-inflicted. It's so much fun.

First two rows of 'the project' done.

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