Thursday, May 3, 2012

Lace and Friends

In Paducah, Kentucky. It was somewhat a wild week. Almost strenuous but wonderful. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday the HLG (Heartland Lace Guild / check out the website here ) has a big exhibition/demonstrating event at Grace Episcopal Church ( website here ). We have done that now for many, many years. Some quilters have become lacers too, ha-ha.

Wednesday and Thursday night I spent with our friend Barbara R. This is Caleb, her room-mate's cat. As you can see Caleb is very lovable. I know the pictures are not very good. He didn't hold still long enough for a really nice shot.
Grace is still decked in the Easter finery. 

The Alleluia (and the burying of it for lent), the Easter mobile, well and a lot of things, will always be close to my heart.
Susan's lace guild in Kansas City wants to use my baptism cloths pattern. I took her into the Sacristy so she could have a closer look. The memories! I designed and made this when Sarah was about 11 years old as a thanksgiving because she suddenly didn't need the ear-surgery which was scheduled.
And I did take time out to have my hair done by Lisa B. We are going back a long time too.

This year's theme for the exhibition: Jewelry and Lacepillows.
The jewelry looked great. Lace is more then doilies!

A lot of the jewelry was done by my friend Lise T. She is a very accomplished lacemaker.

Many of the lacepillows belonged to the late Sandra Benne. Sandra's passion was collecting pillows from around the world. She died a few weeks ago very unexpected, way too young, and we all are still in shock. She was a wonderful and generous person.
Lise's Danish bobbins.

HLG purpose: teaching each other and anybody who wants to know.
These pictures were taken when there was NOT a big crowd.  It got hectic once in a while.
The vendor's room. Ah, so many goodies. Lacemakers mostly need to shop online. This is always a treat.

There is even a pilllow for needlelace.

I remember how excited Sandra was when she found (and was able to successfully bid on ebay) this antique Princess pillow with ALL its original accessories. I wished she could have enjoyed it longer.

Bonnie K. is minding the chances for the lace scarf knitted and donated by Lise T.
Birdie's pillow ... made from a car air-filter. She loves working on it.

Friday lunch. Another tradition. Grace Church ladies (and gentlemen) have a wonderful luncheon ... decorated with quilts, fabric tablecloths and delicious food.

Friday at 3 pm the exhibition closes and the winner is drawn. Lise and the lucky winner, a visitor from Florida, who was still in the area ... and very happy.
Now off to two nights at Kentucky Lake. The HLG Retreat was blessed with good weather and lots of friendship. 
I love catalpa trees. For more information.

We have two nights at the retreat. Lovely walks to the 6 meals in the cafeteria. In-between we are lacing, talking, visiting with each other, lacing, well o.k. snacking a little, lacing.

Lisa is working on lace decorations for her golden wedding anniversary in a few weeks.
The Danish way to hold bobbins: with your knuckles.
Jennie had started a piece of very fine lace and made great progress. Her goal: 3 yards for the HLG challenge.
Bonnie's goal had been to reach the floor with her scarf by the end of the retreat. Yes, she made it! She uses yarn from two alpacas, Magic and ... (forgot the name of the second).
Candy loves butterflies and was working on one.
 Pam and Doris are discussing a pattern.
Pam worked hard too. Started and finished this little fan brooch. 
10 friends this year.
Tradition. Lori comes every time on Saturday of the retreat to give a massage to anybody who wants one.  It's also a tradition for her to take the above group photos ... ten cameras this year.
I had bought a new book from the vendor and did some tatting between the bobbinlacing. Tried out variegated thread for tatting for the first time. Only have to sew away the ends.
I worked on my silk scarf and was pleased with my progress.

But the best of these days were the friendships. I met many of the "old" friends from Grace Church. Many lacemakers came to the exhibition even if they could not come to the retreat. Hugs, hugs and more hugs. I am so blessed knowing so many wonderful people.

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