Tuesday, May 15, 2012

William's BIG day

We had things to do ... Helen had plans for William's birthday.

Helen remembers the little red table fondly she and Sarah used when they were children. She thought that something like it would be nice for William. And we managed just to find the thing.

Some assembly required!
Grandpa is busy putting it together.

No, we didn't tell him that it's his birthday present before it's time.

But he surely liked it. No question about it.
One of the little chairs will stay at the townhouse. He loves using it even on the back porch.
Only work ... no way. Ben came with some wonderful t-bone steaks.
My mouth is watering when I remember it.

Of course we had veggies like cheesy broccoli and sauteed brusselsprouts ... and ... Helen's favorite potatoes: my father's recipe.
Look at this!

May 14

Finally the BIG day was here. But even on his birthday Omi rocks William to take a nap ...
 ... so his Mommy can make his cake.
Yes, you are seeing right. Improvising is the name of the game. The plastic bag must have had a puncture so duct tape saved the day and Helen could do the icing.
Working on the 'dog tag'. The rest is done.
Helen says to better take a picture. Who knows whether we can get it to the picnic park in good shape.
We had been eagerly looking at the weather forecasts for days. Invitations had been for 6 pm at the Don Fox Community Park in Lebanon TN. The weather turned out better then we could have hoped for.
But William didn't want to go to the pavilion.  He wanted to go to the play ground.
O.k. it's his birthday!

Watch this!

Pizza ... William's favorite. And plenty of it.
His parents, grandparents, great-grandma, lots of people who love him. Lucky little boy.
He is two now. He wanted to drink exactly like the grown-ups.
He poured his water into the cup ... well, with help.
Yes, William is two. Mommy designed this shirt.

But look at this!  Haha, William has his own ideas and almost misses his own party.
 Pops (dad) had to retrieve him.

And then the big moment!
 William is studying his cake. Yes, Doggie!

Short video!
But he is not sure how to go about eating it.

Short video!

And then time to open gifts.

Wow, a ball with lights!
Prime seats for watching the gift opening.
Grandma "Mops" Joy and Great-Grandma Gee Gee.
Grandpa George and Anna.
Ha, the cake was not only cute, it also must have been delicious!!! Not that much left.
After the party, in Grandpa's car on the way to the townhouse. The poor little guy was so exhausted, we entertained him with "lights" in the back of the car. And yes, since today he can face forward in his car seat. What a day.
So tired. But he makes it to the townhouse awake ... and even in Mommy's car home he manages to arrive awake.
His new table is loaded to go to his house ... but what is this? Grandpa found the old red table in the attic when the electrician was here a few days ago. Yippee. It will get used again.
The day after.
Got up early and on the way back to Virginia.
Lunch stop. James liked this sign and thinks that Jay Leno would love it:
watch your head! Clearance 8' 6"
Left-over salad and cheese sandwich from the cooler with a view.
Great lunch.
But there was a DQ at this gas station.
Coincidence, James?

Yes, when you spend 10 hours in the car you deserve a blizzard in-between.


While Helen worked hard on the cake, she kept saying that all she wanted is for William to recognize that it is a doggie (which he calls a lot of animals).   She just called to tell me that when she showed him a picture of the cake today he said "num num" (his word for FOOD).

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