Friday, October 12, 2012

England Day 12

Monday October 8

Monday morning! Typical Monday morning weather? From the breakfast table I had a look into Kate and David's nice garden but what I saw were all the raindrops on the fuchsias.  I thought it made for an interesting picture though.
... especially with the spider web.

But it was time to say good-bye to Kate and David too and Jane drove us back to her house in Windsor.
A Day to take care of some chores. James finished the "unlocking" of our old iPhones. One went to Kate and one went for Maren into the parcel with the quilt to Ute (I had written about that in an earlier blog). And off to the post office. Ute's parcel also had some tea she wanted and some tea cakes. The post office person was so cute. We were over the weight limit of a lesser fee by something like 143 grams and he tried to persuade us to open the parcel and take something out. Funny how insistent he tried to be.
After the post office we went further and over the bridge to Eton.  Nice shops there but couldn't find anything. We always like to have a look at the River Thames.

Not many tourists there to feed the swans and ducks. There seems to be somebody at that one spot though.

No, James didn't feed them either.
See the two  baby swans? A baby swan is called a cygnet or flapper. A male is called a cob and a female is called a pen (not that I could see a difference). A group of swans is called a herd, team or wedge. Ha-ha, didn't you always wanted to know this?
I just love this picture. All gulls lined up in a row.

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