Saturday, October 6, 2012

England Day 9

Friday October 5

We got up, had breakfast and had to pack up. Ready to leave.

David drove through the Bodmin Moor and stopped so I could take a picture of the wild horses, well the closest one.
 Really a lovely country side.

The way back to Christchurch led right through Honiton so David asked how I felt about stopping for coffee there. Oh well ...
It was hard to find a parking spot but we did. We got out of the car and James said "now where should we go" when his eyes saw right across the street "The Lace Makers Cafe". Ha-ha, what a coincidence. 

By then it was 11 am and we decided if we had something substantial then Kate would not have to bother with lunch when we arrived.
Hungry? Or peckish?
 Ah, what a great idea.

Honiton church and museum not far from the parking spot. 
I got "permission" for a quick stop in the museum shop.
We arrived back at David and Kate's house, unpacked and organized. The birthday is tomorrow. Kate had to do some shopping. Also Patricia and Jane had to be picked up from the airport ... arriving from Spain.
David cooked a most delicious "Spicy Spanish Chicken" on his Cadac (gas grill).
I had already talked about the boxes of photos Jane had brought. 
Since now Patricia was there too the four siblings "really" went through it.
Kate (4), Patricia (3), Jane (1) and James (2)

(siblings pecking order)
Ah, the laughing, remembering and cackling. Quite a noisy bunch.
This is the clock David made for James for his birthday. It is beautiful. A few blogs ago I showed a picture with the old piece of wood.
Daughter Bec and husband Mark arrived for the weekend. A more then 3 hour drive in horrible rain on very congested roads.
I took photos of some of the pictures just to see how they would turn out.
This picture is so lovely. Their mother with Jane and baby James. James was 22 when his mother Alec Christine Burr died. I think I would have loved her too.

James on the left? Really?
That cute toddler is turning 70 tomorrow.

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