Friday, October 5, 2012

England Day 8

Thursday October 4

Hoping that the weather forecast was right this time we decided to forgo golfing today, brought the rented clubs and carts etc back to the office and do a hike today, our last day here.
The big house is what we started calling "the cold house", the recreation place with the WiFi.
While Kate was packing a picnic lunch I quickly went to the cold house to try to post a blog. You can see my computer on the table. The place was always open from 9am to 10pm and I never saw anybody there. There are lots of games you could play.

Off on our hike: The Hall Walk
Here is another link to it! With a map!

Dave drove us to Fowey and we parked in the parking lot of the Bodinnick Ferry. Have to pay and display (!) the parking fee.
And off we went ... looking back.

Arrived in Bodinnick ...
...  and up the hill we walked. A few steps and there was a nice little church, no steeple.
... in which (we know now) James lost his hat.

Just a little further was the start of the Hall Walk.
Soon we had beautiful glimpses through the trees.
A few steps and another lovely picture. Want to guess how many pictures one could take?

The view across the estuary to Fowey.

It was picture postcard weather!!!

 Every so often there was a monument or some other info.
A side arm of the estuary. Have to go around it. Quite hilly up and down.
Luscious green moss left and right on the sides of the walk way. Certainly enough moisture here in England, ha-ha.
The end of the side arm. Now across and along the other side.

Kate wanted to take a picture of us on the little bridge.
This must have been an important place in 1894 in the business world.

After a steep climb we came to the Lanteglos Church.

The Parish Church of St Wyllow, Lanteglos-by-Fowey is probably best known as the church where the writer Daphne du Maurier was married in 1932. Renamed 'Lanoc Church', it features in her first novel, The Loving Spirit.
The building dates mostly from the late 14th century and underwent major restoration at the beginning of the 20th century. The porch dates from the 16th century, though the masonry of the main doorway and some other features, including parts of the tower, date from Norman times.
Inside you can see a royal plaque, presented to the parish by Charles II in 1668 in appreciation of its loyalty during the Civil War. There is also an octagonal Norman font carved from Pentewan stone.

The wood carvings were just beautiful.

The tower fit into the photo from this side.
We were always happy when we found a sign which way to go.

All four of us sitting on a bench here having THIS view
AND a sandwich.
Then we continued down to Polruan.

Down through this little alley on the right.
Looking back up.
 Cornish ice cream shop in sight!

Arriving at Fowey.

Then we walked through narrow little streets back to the parked car.

Looking towards the place our first ferry had taken us and the hike had started.

On the drive home Dave stopped the car briefly for me to take a photo of the glistening sea.
Back at the golf resort I wanted to use the internet for a moment since I didn't get the blog done in the morning.  James and Kate went too and started a game of skittles.
Well, I had to join in too. It's a lot of fun.  The balls are kind of rubbery.
And the 10 skittles are just put down onto dots.

We could have been serious about it and write the score down. 
In the evening we went out for dinner.  We drove through Bodmin Moor where horses run wild.
It was a lovely pub called The Cheesewring Hotel in Minions.
Kate ordered what was called a Big Yorkshire Pudding fulled with ???
James ordered a lamb shank.
You can see he didn't like it at all, ha-ha.
We all wanted what the family calls "pudding" (dessert). I saw something with meringue on the menu. Little did I know what would be coming.

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