Monday, September 23, 2013

The British are ... gone

Remember THIS BLOG not too long ago?

Friday! We were on the road shortly before 10 am. When we pulled away from the house William was very upset that Grandpa and Omi went bye-bye. Mixed feelings: that he is miserable (even if it is hopefully only for a short time) and that he loves us.
(Helen, Ben and William had one more great day there with going to a playground and the beach etc.)
We had to drive in rain for a while but then it was lovely sunshine again and we stopped for a picnic lunch. I had packed the leftover salad again in the single bowls. Strangely enough it made exactly 5 bowls again like for the time coming. I told the others that one of them could drop their bowl this time. It wouldn't be me.

We arrived at our house at 3 pm, unloaded etc etc. James, Kate and Dave walked to Martins for milk. We had to have a cup of tea on the back porch.
Sarah and Wade invited us for dinner at 6 pm. While the men were standing around the grill Sarah showed Kate and me the "kit" they had received in baby CPR class so they could teach family and friends. Sarah had to blow up the baby first.

After a most delicious dinner we had brownies with ice cream in the living room. Schatzi wanted to sit in Kate's chair.

After that I slept very well in my own bed again!

Saturday! Kate and Dave needed to go shopping. Destination: the Apple store at Short Pump Mall. They didn't want to "fight" over the communal iPad any longer. Kate wanted her own. The Apple person was very helpful and soon we were sitting and enjoying a coffee.

Look at that exciting cover!

And look what drove by. Train, train. Can't go anywhere and not think of William.

On the way we had to stop at Costco for food. Ha-ha, lunch was being served.

Later our friend Julie came over for tea. Julie is the wonderful friend who hosted Kate, Dave and Jane when they were here for Sarah's wedding two years ago.

Sunday! That day went by so fast. Service at St. Martin's at 10 am. Afterwards some more food shopping on the way home because Sarah and Wade came for dinner. The six of us had such a lively conversation that I totally forgot taking pictures. For the record: Wild-rice chicken casserole! For "pudding" I showed Kate how to make 3-2-1 cup cakes and I sent the rest of my "stuff" home with her so she can try them with her grandchildren.

Monday! I was shown how to make the English cooked breakfast. When Helen heard about it she was all excited. I know what I have to do next time in Nashville.

And then we went to the James River for a walk.

Walking over to Belle Island.

The weather for their "hols" (holidays) was perfect for the whole time. Today another glorious day. And again so much beauty all around us.

But what are those holes in all sizes all over the granite rocks? Most almost perfectly round. Amazing.

Hey, wait for me. I am taking photos for you.

Still time for another stop: the Byrd Park Pump House.

 One of the locks of the canal.

Late afternoon ... check-in for Kate and Dave to fly home. What a wonderful time we had together. Safe travels!

8:30 pm: strange just sitting here by ourselves. Good thing I have a blog to write. 

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  1. What a perfect trip! Family vacation and quiet time, too!