Thursday, November 21, 2013

Arrival of two grandsons the same day

Yes, yesterday was quite a day. First Caleb arrived. But late in the evening James and I went to the airport to pick up Helen and William.
They had to fly Nashville - Charlotte, Charlotte - Richmond.
While waiting in Nashville William wanted to go on any plane he saw. Helen tried to explain to him that this one went to New York. He couldn't understand that not all planes went to Omi's house. I took this picture from FaceBook. Caption said: Mama, where is the plane?

While they were waiting they found a playground type area.

When they finally got on the plane William got to talk to the pilot. William told him to fly high and fast. The pilot was nice and turned him around for the picture and set him on a console. Helen says the reason why he looks so uncomfortable is that there must have been a button.

Helen texted several pictures from the second flight. In this one William says: cheese.

Helen says he just figured out how the seatbelts work.

Helen also said he took very seriously that Teddy was safely strapped in as well.

The plane landed short past 23:30 which means we were home after midnight. In the car I asked him whether he wanted to be a pilot and the answer "yes, one day". He showed no signs of being tired. What a trooper.

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