Friday, November 29, 2013


Soooooo much to give thanks for. Every day should be Thanksgiving Day. Really.
After the birth of Caleb ... and the day we became citizens ... and Helen and William's visit ... we also celebrated our anniversary. 38 wonderful years. Tuesday was the day but we had things to do including James' last Spanish lesson in the evening. So we celebrated Wednesday by going out for lunch to P. F. Chang's. Love that place for the great memories of our visit to Xian China and the terracotta warriors.
Today, on Thanksgiving Thursday, we were invited to Wade's Uncle Jon, his wife Carolyn and son Cooper in West Point. Of course Sarah, Wade and Caleb were there. Also Wade's parents Kathy and Mike and sister Katie and fiancé Tim. We were so comfortable in this wonderful group of people.
After many days of dreary, cold and rainy there was sun and the drive was fun. When we arrived the guys were grilling appetizers: oysters! See the drumm?

Turkey was cooking nearby.

Ah, the oysters.

Jon was kind enough to open them for me.

Yummy! This one was special he told me with this little crab in it. See the little red/yellow thing. Those are a delicacy ... a pound costing about $400. It was nice but I don't think I would pay that much for it. Loved trying all of it though! Thanks, Jon.

We talked and visited. At one point this group even went down to the dock and James took the picture.

Meanwhile the busy hostess Carolyn took a short break to visit with Caleb. A rare and short moment of sleep. He was awake most of the time, wandering from arm to arm not wanting to miss anything.

I must admit that I wasn't very good taking photos today. Too busy visiting. This is one Sarah had texted earlier. Cute appropriate outfit.

Kathy alerted us to the wonderful sunset view from the porch. What a view.

Dinner is ready. No picture of the beautiful table, sorry. Sarah had just nursed Caleb for the ? time and thought he would like to sleep in the baby rocker next to the table ...

... Caleb said that if Omi is finished eating she could hold him. Kathy took this picture from across the table.

We had a grand time visiting and laughing. James and I were so grateful to be included. Just wished I had taken more pictures.

With all the things I am thankful for this Thanksgiving: I am thankful for gadgets! Helen, Ben and William far away, we texted with Helen. She sent us this picture "enjoying watching the Macy's Parade". I could hear William in my head talking about the balloons going HIGH IN THE AIR. Helen thinks he is ready to go to New York next year. Wouldn't that be fun.

Being a grandma twice now I often think how my parents in Germany must have felt with two of their grandchildren so far away in America. I am just glad I wrote many letters (which could sometimes take two weeks to get there) and sent (printed) pictures.

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