Saturday, November 9, 2013


Remember this blog? Well, now you know why the title.

The due-date is 11-12-13. This photo was taken 10-23.

Are they waiting too?

Sarah at work. This photo was taken 10-31. I think I embarrassed her. Sorry.

And this was today. Sarah was getting ready to go out with me. Getting her shoes on is not so easy any more. Does Schatzi want to help?

She showed me what she did yesterday. Cute!


Sarah just shared these photos with me. Edy is not any better then the dogs. Look at this cat. Is she listening to the baby?






What else is new? Ah yes, James' car. On October 25 he happened to go past the Honda dealer ... except he didn't go past but stopped, ha-ha. Well, his then present one was getting up in years. They had exactly what he liked. He came home, we talked and went out again and got it. On the way home we stopped at a Chinese restaurant for dinner. A family tradition every time there is a new car. Only once we didn't do it ... and had an accident right away. That was a lesson for us.

James' fortune cookie:

That night they forecasted the first frost and we had to cover up the hibiscus. Good thing we had done it. You can see it on the sheet.

The new CR-V at daylight. James is happy.

Ever since Nashville I was battling bronchitis. A bad case. Didn't feel much like doing anything but some things got done like this year's Chrismons for the children in the church.

And a new design: the dove of peace. Since I was pretty much a couch potato I worked a lot on the computer and managed to put all my designs (22?) on a special blog
I thought sharing them was the right thing to do.

We have some lovely fall colors. This is our street.

And the place with the bench across the street I can see out of my kitchen window.

We also planted the winter flowers. This year we tried something new. We took out the two rose bushes which just didn't do well there and planted the pansies in a pot.

You bet we will let you know when the waiting is over!!!



  1. The onesies are ADORABLE! I love your Dove of Peace, too. And James seems very happy in his new ride. You've been a busy girl. Don't forget to stop and take a breath once in a while :-)

    1. That is the advantage of getting old, you learn to only do what you like to do.