Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Caleb arrived

Just came back from the hospital and thought I better start a blog!!!
After her due-date the REAL waiting began. On Friday Sarah had another routine doctors appointment. Wade had urgent work to do to get ready to be several days off so I went with her. The very nice Dr. C said several times that everything looked good. There was an ultrasound and Sarah got some photos. Cute little nose!

The weekend came and went and finally it was Tuesday morning when Sarah was scheduled for inducing at 9 am. She texted me after she was checked in, the water broken and the IV started. I asked how the father-to-be was and she sent this photo.

She had asked me to come at 10 am with playing cards and I also took the banana gram game. Well, we never used it today. Things went quicker then expected. As soon as the water was broken the contractions started. She got inducing med just for a few minutes but it was stopped soon because it seemed to interfere with the natural way of things.

Look at this labor and delivery room. See the little baby center in the closet? Warming light and everything.

Sarah was a trooper. So calm and relaxed. The nurses were excellent too. They told Wade at one point he should go and have some lunch while James and I were staying. When Wade came back we went. It was 1 pm by now.

Look at the nice paintings in the cafeteria. Poppies. When we were about to go back we got a text from Sarah that it was very close to pushing time and we should stay away until further notice (as it was discussed before). Also, Wade's parents were about to arrive after their 3 1/2 hour drive.

Wade's sister Katie had also arrived very early in the morning at their house and had worked there until "it got serious". So here we were all waiting now in the lobby.

Only 45 minutes later we got a text from Wade: "Mom and baby are healthy. Be out shortly"
What a relief. Yes, I had to cry.
Here is the new happy family.

Meet Caleb James Waller
Born November 19, 2013 at 14:38 hours
3525 grams or 7 lbs 12oz
20 1/2 inches
I love this picture!

Of course there are some videos! Caleb not even an hour old.
And here!

Sarah had brought a book for baby's first year with her. The nurse was very happy to put the footprints into it. He didn't like to be unwrapped. He has a very healthy set of lungs.

Then he was taken up to the postpartum department and we all followed. Behind the glass we could see what happened. Again, he does not like not being swaddled.

Back to Sarah's room where she just got something to eat ... no breakfast ... very late lunch.

After Sarah was transferred to the postpartum department too the baby was brought back to her. I stayed with Sarah while everybody else went to dinner. Wade's assignment: to bring dinner back for Sarah. The hospital food didn't sound appealing to her.
Caleb had successfully nursed right after birth but didn't seem keen now. He was tired. He was too snug and comfy. We unwrapped the cute little feet but that didn't help.

Then the nurse came and totally unwrapped him. See the video. Oh, did he complain!!! But he was awake and decided to have a meal. Ah, so cute.

And that is it about Calib for today. James and my day is not over yet. We have to go to the airport. Helen and William are arriving just before midnight.


  1. Well done to everyone, the baby looks really bonny.

  2. Oh, thank you for sharing this blessed event!!!
    Thanks be to God for Caleb's arrival!
    What a precious little boy--such a cute nose--love
    those toes! :) Sarah looks perfectly lovely--
    please give all our love, blessings and hugs! b/Rob

  3. How absolutely wonderful! All my love to all of you! A growing family is a blessed blessed event. Once again. .. all my love to everyone!

  4. Welcome Caleb! Christa thank you for sharing the good news with all of us.

  5. Welcome, Caleb (a few months belated)! And I was lucky enough to hold his sweet self at your birthday party. Heaven!