Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Catching up

Presidents Day - more Caleb time because his child care is closed and his mother has to work.
He likes to be on the floor. Tummy time with Omi.

A few days later: remnants of that winter storm. Kind of funny.

James, the Consultant, was in Brazil for a few days (so he could not help) when Sarah called: could I please wait at her house for the dishwasher repairman. She needed to change her work schedule and would rather not change the repair appointment (so understandable). So I took my stitching because I could not find my tatting.

Edy was so interested in what I was doing.

Nooooo, Edy!

The last weekend in February seems to be the yearly Virginia Orchid Society Show. James read about it in the newspaper. He encouraged that we should go. We went on Saturday. Lovely displays so reminded me of our time in Singapore.

This was always my fav orchid in Singapore.

Look at these little orchids between it's leaves which look like grass.

Ha-ha, James' own fault for telling me and taking me. I found one which I had looked for for several years. My mother used to have one with yellow blossoms ... and she really didn't have a green thumb at all.

And here is what is blooming at the moment in my sunroom ... for the second time in a year.

Well, the weather was nice and we were out and about and I hoped for lunch with chop sticks. James thought it was a good idea. Here is my bento box. More Singapore memories.

Richmond Forum ! We have season tickets. This time the speaker was President George W. Bush.
It was a memorable evening!

Last Thursday I had a chance to go with a group of quilters on a bus to a quilt show in Hampton. But more about that in a seperate blog.

Friday I was busy preparing for the "new vestry dinner" (vestry = church council) James and I host now every year. Sarah came by for lunch and a little while. Her husband was gone for the weekend. I love these pictures.

The third annual vestry dinner: since neither James nor I are on it, we do not sit at the table. We serve. I borrowed church aprons. Sorry the writing is out of focus.

And just so that I know what I cooked - in case I need to know next year:
Christa's Signature Salad
A choice of Shepherd's Pie (lamb) or Cottage Pie (beef) with sauteed Brussel-sprouts and Red Peppers on the side.
Dessert: Ann brought Blueberry Cobbler and we served it with Vanille Icecream

Well, I think this is enough blog for now. I need to play a little more with my new quilt toys. Yes, I splurged in Hampton.

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  1. You and James do so many wonderful things together - the kinds of things I'd love to do, too. =) How lucky you are to have each other. My son is the only person I knew before who talked about bento boxes, and actually takes his lunch to work in one!