Wednesday, March 12, 2014

More Threads

I am going to call this "monthly thread week".

Monday was Colonial Lacemakers meeting in Williamsburg. Lali and I went together which always makes the drive seem shorter. So much to talk about.
And the meeting of course was nice too. Mary had her Easter eggs on the table in preparation for the holiday and was working on another one. And I had found two more patterns on the internet.

I was still working on my rooster. But hey ... making progress.

Tuesday at 10 am - meeting of the CR Quilters. James and I went an hour early because we wanted to set up a design wall. We had mail-ordered strong magnets but they almost but not quite worked as planned and we had to run back to the house for something else (duck tape to the rescue).
But then it was set up and worked splendidly.

Every square the same pattern - so different though.

Isn't it amazing how different they all look just with different fabrics.

You can see next month's BOM#3 by Janet on the left close to the bottom.

The meeting was great (my opinion). First I gave my little program about "Circles, several different techniques" and especially my new tool the OLFA circle cutter. Everybody really seemed to be interested.
And after discussing the BOMs I started the show+tell with my just finished UFO, my FMQ sampler (see previous blog).
Janet had been the one who had told me about this strip quilting technique and she had brought the one she was working on for show+tell too.

Haha, how are the chances? Another quilt-as-you-go quilt! So interesting.

Denise had been given all this material. All cut pieces, a few blocks sewn, no pattern. She had to decide what to do with it herself. Good job but not quite finished yet.

She also had brought this very very old quilt which her children and grandchildren had loved to death. Well, her family wants it resurrected and she wanted some suggestions how to do that.

She had hand-embroidered all those cat blocks which were all still in excellent condition ... and so cute.

Shirl (I hope I got the name right) told us that she had decided years ago not to quilt anymore and had given everything away. Well, she had found these blocks which are lessons she had taken many years ago. I quickly emptied the design wall and we put these squares up. Very interesting.

I think this is Marge who says that "Dresden plates" are very easy and she will give us a lesson on this and on appliqué in May and June. April is already planned.

Tuesday evening
Mice cookies were one of my contributions since Joyce and I were refreshment hosts for the Church Mice Quilters group in the evening.
A few leftovers ...

There was a guest Augusta who had taught several members many years ago (if I understood this right).

More show+tell from Augusta. This is her pattern. You can buy it on her website

Another quilt made from the same pattern just a different color selection.

We also had a little lecture. I was quite interested but didn't totally get it like the measurements and even the name.

I did email my photo to an online friend. As I was sure Sophie would know about it, she did. She mailed back that I should google on "disappearing pinwheels". She was so right.
I feel a serious project coming on!

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  1. Lovely! It's like going to a craft show without leaving the house!