Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Thursday 27th of February
I was ready to be picked up by Janet at 7:30 in the morning. A group of quilters was taken in a church bus to Hampton, Virginia, and I was lucky to be taken along.
The Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival XXV

So much eye candy. We had limited time so we concentrated on the vendors. The exhibited quilts (we saw them afar) sure would have been stunning but most likely nothing I would ever attempt. So, looking at samples at the vendors (doable) and all those tools and demos of the tools, that was super. Unfortunately vendors don't like you to take pictures. I guess they are afraid people steal the patterns (with the camera) without buying them. I guess rightly so. So I only have a few pictures ... with permission.

The next lady demonstrated a tool which I now wish I had bought. Oh well, next year. I did splurge though and bought several, ha-ha.

Some of the exhibition. Nope, not doing them.

You know I like Block Lotto (link on the side bar). I have not participated in a while but I had to play with my new toys, eh, tools.

February = Bead-on-a-string
Very useful: the Olfa circle cutter! Makes it so much easier.

March = Star Chain
Very useful: the Tucker Trimmer! Makes it so much more accurate.

Ah, if there just was more time!

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  1. LOL, never enough time! It's good you went right home and used those new tools. =) I LOVE that lobster block, thanks for showing it. It is so darned cute!