Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Easter time

Holy Week.
Bec and Mark have left. Life goes back to normal ... whatever normal is. We can help Sarah out with Caleb. What a hardship, ha-ha. This is at her house. He is holding his bounty from the Easter egg hunt at his day care.

Good Friday. James thinks we need hot cross buns. THE day to have them if you are British. In previous years we were able to get some from Panera Bread and they were pretty good. So that us where he tried to get some. They didn't have any and he was told "May be later in the season". Oh yes, really? So when is hot cross bun season?
He found some at Kroger. Oh well ... I might have to bake next year.

Sarah had to work Saturday and Sunday. Wade had to work in the night from Friday to Saturday and was lacking sleep. So we got a phone call at 6:40 am and Caleb was dropped off at 7:30 am.
Caleb was in good form.

We found the high chair we had used for William. Oh, little Caleb is growing up.

Helping grandpa read what came with the mail.

The next picture is not very good but a reminder that Saturday evening was the last Richmond Forum event of the season. It was much different then usual. The guests: Steve Martin and Martin Short. Quite an experience!

Easter Sunday. Saint Francis at St. Martin's is ready for the children after the service.

The young Wallers were able to come too since Sarah was working pm.

Since Helen could not come this year with William it was just us in the afternoon. So we went for a good walk in the neighborhood. But look what tried to cross the road. When I came too close the snappingturtle told me off. Mean!

And then ... we really should get ready ... another visitor from England is almost on the way.

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  1. Such a happy boy! It was wonderful to see him on Easter! Mike's mother makes hot cross buns every year - they are delicious. She makes them early and we store them in the freezer. And EVERY year, we forget to get them out in time to eat them on Good Friday, so we have them for Easter breakfast!