Sunday, April 13, 2014

The British are here ... part 3

A lovely day again. I had forgotten to mention that Wade had arrived last night finally too. The young Waller family now was complete.
Sarah had prepared a breakfast casserole (recipe of her mother-in-law). It was enjoyed buffet-style whenever people showed up. Consensus was to go on a walk may be a hike. It was decided to go on one "easy to moderate, suitable for families".
We didn't have to drive far but needed two vehicles. We looked at the trailhead and decided that the beginning was not good to have Caleb in the stroller and Sarah carried him in one of those strap-on things.

We went down hill on the trail which was supposed to bring us to a waterfall. Where it joined another trail we stopped and the map was brought out again. It didn't look as if the trail was getting any better for the stroller. James and Mark volunteered to bring the stroller up again and take one of the cars to the other end and meet us from there.

Bec, Sarah, Wade and I continued on the trail which really was rather rocky. But we did come to a waterfall eventually.

Bec couldn't resist to climb up a little. It was really very nice.

And then it got even rockier.

But finally we met the "Logger trail" and it was uphill all the way from there. The trail was a little smoother though. We were worried a while whether we had gone in the right direction ( left or right?) to meet up with James and Mark. Lots of debating.
There were beauties on the wayside though.

Finally we met them though. But the news was " nothing but uphill".
Caleb was hungry and needed a rest. And a change.

Uphill, uphill. Wade had Caleb strapped on now. You can see him way ahead as the little dot on the way. The others dragged the stroller back which James had brought half-way not knowing that this trail too was NOT suitable and NOT labeled correctly.
I just dragged myself. I am not sure what it was. We were going steeply uphill, it was hot, nothing on my hat and nothing to drink. I had to fight the last few steps and thought I was not going to make it.

It was a bit embarrassing, really. As soon as I was at the car and had had some liquid I felt much better.
OMG. The "easy to moderate, suitable for families" trail was clearly labeled wrong. Yes, really. It was a very nice trail. I am happy we did it, but we could have been much better prepared if we had known. Especially me. Yes, really.

We went back to the cabin and refreshed. I drank 3 big glasses of water in about 8 minutes. Then we headed out again. Lunchtime.
We went to another brewery Wade had been before. What a nice place.

Caleb was tired and ready for a nap ... so Omi did her walk-about in the stroller and he was asleep in no time.

Sarah took a picture.

And then the food came ...

... and we were allowed to eat in peace.

Dessert? Just play.

On the way back we stopped at the "Veritas Winery" because Sarah is a wine club member and had to pick something. The other car had missed to turn so we just enjoyed the scenery which included some horseback riders.
Bec, Sarah and I did a wine tasting. The drivers did not. Proud of them!

Back at the cabin. Still have to take a picture of the back. The cabin was on the 16th hole of a golf course.

James is going in a little walk on the cart path and is taking my camera. Nice view.

When he is back I want to take a better picture as I had taken before of the front.

I had also seen a groundhog three times at that spot and was sure he had his den there.
I got lucky waiting quietly. Can you see his little face?

Chilling. It's almost Caleb's bedtime. Around 7:30 pm every day faithfully.

And after dinner the bananagram game ... And brownies Wade had baked.

But at 10 pm ... very exciting!
Sarah had received notification earlier that Wade's Aunt Leslie was getting married in Las Vegas and that the whole family could watch it live on the internet. We stayed up but that *#@*&% slow internet made us miss the vital part.  We did see the beautiful bride though while pictures were taken.
Congratulations from all of us!
I (somebody who had to miss a lot of family events in her life) think this is a marvelous way to share a good time.


  1. What a smart idea - putting the wedding on the internet. I've never seen that before and the way families are spread out all over the world (the beginning of June, I'll have a niece in Germany), it gives people a chance to see what they never thought they could. I love that your family vacations feature walking and being active as a way for you to have fun together. As someone who sees most physical activity as a chore, I wish I made those choices that you make.

    1. I thought that wedding idea was really cool. All the things I missed out of because my family was so far away and we didn't have "the gadgets".