Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The British are here - last part 4

SaturdayTime to leave the cabin. Time to pack up. There was "the girl's car" with me, Bec and yes, Caleb. And there was "the boy's car" with James and Mark. Sarah and Wade went with their car first to Charlottesville and then closer to Richmond to a winery for a wedding.I don't know when we left the cabin, probably 10:30 am or so. Again it was a lovely day and the drive was very nice. Spring definitely has sprung now and nature showing off. Caleb slept the whole way home.Unloading and settling went quickly. For Caleb it ment fresh diapers and a bottle of course. For lunch we decided to walk what I call "down the hill" to one of the 4 (5 if you count Martin's cafeteria) restaurants just outside our community. We chose Mexican and it was nice.Here we are on our way back.

Chilling on the back patio.

James had to run an errand and tempted Bec with a stop at REI. She went along and guess what happened?

Before Caleb's bedtime we went to their house. He had fallen asleep in the car and when James wanted to wake him up and took him out of the carrier "he is leaking!" Oh yes! We decided to just give him a bath. He loved it! We read him a book and said a prayer, put him into his crib and he just fell asleep within minutes. The 4 of us baked a pizza for us (with extra veggies on top) and talked until the "wedding goers" arrived.Sarah texted these pictures to us. The bride Corinne and roommates Amber and Liz are such good friends since pharmacy studies.

SundayActually Palmsunday. Of course James and I went to church but we hurried home to see what the plan was. The others had gone for brunch to Carrytown so we could dig into leftovers. It was a lovely warm and sunny day and we all took it easy for the rest of the day.Later in the afternoon James and I went over to join the others. Caleb was a bit restless and didn't feel like napping. Sarah had cooked and mashed carrots. Caleb's doctor wants him to try a few spoon-fuls once in a while, not because of the food but it is supposed to teach motor skills. I couldn't really see so I am not sure how Caleb felt about it ... but look atVideo 1Video 2

Caleb really needed to take a nap so Grandpa volunteered to go for a walk with him.

I got this photo texted. James knows how much I like creeping phlox. The eyes are still open.

But not too much later I got another text that the eyes are closed.

We could sit outside while Wade grilled.

MondayOur visitors last day here. The weather is very nice again so James and I packed a picnic. Then we went to pick the others up. Wade of course was already at work again. Sarah also had to go to work later (2-10) so we had to go in two cars.A picture of Bec and Mark in front of S&W's house with the dogwood. Bec and Mark hope to plant one in their garden.

We spent the morning in Maymont. Our visitors were very impressed that we have something like this and entry us even free.

We went to the "formal garden" first. Sarah, James and I remembered when we had been here with Helen and William. Here is a link!


The Japanese Garden.

For the stepping stones we had to wait a minute because of a group of children. First day of spring break and the park is "very visited".

After the "children's farm" we have lunch ... sandwiches with tomatoes, lettuce and even pickles to add and even dessert ... homemade mango cream.

We have to leave but a quick picture at one of my favorite sculptures.




Caleb has to finish his bottle. He has to hold it himself. We have to go to the cars because Mommy has to go to work. Omi is walking with the stroller tipped so he doesn't loose the bottle.

A quick good-bye at the cars.

The four of us went downtown to the James River . We went just a few steps onto the pedestrian bridge to Bell Island for the view.

Then we went to the "Pipe Trail" to see the blue herons nesting. We saw a few but nothing compared to what we saw in a previous year.

We walked a little further and there was a blue heron standing in the rapids.A video clip. Be careful, the rushing water is quite noisy!

After this I forgot to take pictures.First we had to refresh us at an Irish Pub on our way to the car. We could sit outside in the shade which was nice.Then we went back to our house for a coffee on the back patio.For dinner we did one of the things which had been on their to-do list: we went to the Cheesecake Factory. All four of us ordered something different and each plate could have been "a picture". We took cheesecake slices to go and went to pick up their luggage. This was planned so they could say "good-bye" to Wade (and share the dessert) who had just put Caleb to bed. And then James and I had to bring them to a hotel at the airport for their last night in Richmond. They wanted to do this because their flight out was so very very early in the morning. Off to the Bahamas for a few days. Bye-bye Bec and Mark! Thanks for visiting! We had a lovely time with you!Now, as I am writing this, it rains just like when they arrived.



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  2. I'm not sure that Caleb appreciates carrots, but he obviously LOVES tulips! What a great visit. I adore having guests and being one and you all are the best hosts I can imagine!

    1. Easy being a good host when you love the people who are visiting. You should come over. Cup of tea?

    2. Any time! Maybe after you get back from all of your travels?