Saturday, April 12, 2014

The British are here ... Part 2

A lovely morning. Here is a picture of the cabin from the street.

We decide to go for a walk. James and Sarah found some information about a trail.

Uh uh, Helen would have loved this. We came across some geocaching by chance. thinking about you, Helen. a lot.

At one spot there were lots of these lovely green plants emerging out of the dirt. They looked like they would make a lovely salad. No idea what it was. Anybody know?

In the beginning Sarah carried Caleb.

Later he was in the stroller and had a good nap. Convenient for us when we had our picnic lunch.

A selection assembled by Sarah and Bec.

We crossed this "river" several times and walked along it.

Bec, Mark and the Blue Ridge Mountains.

The first one was against the sun.

This dead tree in front of the church was repurposed to hold the bird house. I thought it was a nice picture.

A sculpture next to where we had parked the car. Took it to show Ben. He shares things like that with us too. What do you think, Ben?

Next stop (on the way home): the Brewery.

Lots of taxidermy animals around. Had a nice discussion with the hostess whether it is a good thing so everybody has a chance to see these animals or not.

Just some refreshment. Don't worry. I had a coffee (yes) since I was driving.

Back at the cabin. We were on the balcony and a very large bird of prey showed up. Since Caleb was sleeping in the stroller we didn't feel like we could leave him unattended.

This night dinner was provided by the Taylors. Bec too is an excellent cook.

As the English say: it was yummy!

We were all quite tired and turned in not very late.

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