Saturday, June 28, 2014


Good news and not so good news. Since the doctor visit about a week ago James is allowed to put weight on the "bad leg" as long as it is in the special boot. So he is down to one crutch in the house and can sometimes even carry things. Life has become a little easier.
The doc was not very encouraging about our next trip though which we had booked way before this had happened. We just have to wait and see. Nothing cancelled yet.

It gets hot in the afternoons. Well, Virginia kind of hot. But in the mornings we enjoy the outdoors. When I had to go and buy more bird seeds I had the brilliant idea to see what more is out there. I bought two inexpensive hanging things and they have proved to be great. We have many more different birds visiting us. I also remembered our binoculars. Better then TV for sure.

Once in a while James has visitors too. Just visiting really is enough of a treat but we did gobble this up in no time. He shared. So sweet of Ann and Bill.

Last week we had another visitor on several days. Poor little Caleb had a fever and of course couldn't go to the daycare. Good thing Omi and Papa were not gone after all to help Sarah and Wade out.

He does love paper. Have to watch that he doesn't eat it though. This one didn't have print on it which is better.

And then there was yesterday ... Friday. Helen and William had to get up very early in Nashville to fly to Virginia. Helen kept us up to date with their progress with texting and photos.

He said the plane has a face. Right he is. Even Papa could see it once pointed out.

The above gave us all a good laugh.

And then I was waiting at RIC for the arrival.

So worth it !!!

Up so early and so much excitement. He fell asleep for about 5 minutes in the car just before we arrived at the house.

But the cat nap was enough for him to get going again. Big hello with Papa. And we even went to our library to check out 6 books for him. Fun with Omi's train. Good dinner. Happy to know he likes taco salad as much as his mother. Fun in the bathtub and even fun washing his hair and blow drying.
And then a very good nights sleep for both ... well, all four of us. What else can you ask for?

Just one bit of info: I worked on this blog since yesterday. Blogsy just didn't want to cooperate. Had to delete it and re-install. At least it works now again.


  1. Good news and bad news. The story of the world. I will hope that the maybe bad news turns around for you. Two boys in one week! You lucky folks! See you tomorrow at 9, I hope!

  2. It was so nice seeing Helen and William yesterday! He is very sweet!

    We'll keep our fingers crossed for your trip. Seems such a pity after all the anticipation. If the doctor is hesitant to let James fly, maybe you should hop a transatlantic cruise to get there!

    - Mike