Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Making the best of it

Our plans have changed ... but we are still having fun. True, James is sometimes a bit bored (even so he is an avid reader) but there is still plenty to enjoy and be happy about.
Here are just a few examples ...

We live in a building with four units. We invited everybody "under one roof" for a little social time on Thursday June 6th, just snacks and refreshments. James asked me to make cucumber sandwiches. I even found extra thin-cut bread. Everybody came and (I think) had fun. Love this neighborhood!

Friday James suggested to go to the VMFA = Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. We have a membership but had not been a while.
We probably spent an hour and a half in the antiquity department. It was great.

Then we went upstairs to the Amuse restaurants for lunch. We splurged and started with fried oysters.

Friends sometimes come to distract James a little. Julie came when Caleb was here too.

Sometimes Caleb visits on Saturday mornings when Sarah has to work. We have a great time.

I also had to make a cauliflower egg salad for the church potluck the next day. That was another lovely event. We had such a good time that our friends Kim and Mike came over later for a combined leftover dinner. The weather was so perfect that we could spend the whole evening on the back patio. They had made a wicked BBQ and sauce and coleslaw all homemade too.

Monday the 9th, the day of the monthly Colonial Lacemakers meeting. I didn't want to leave James alone the whole day so I asked whether the ladies would mind meeting at our house. Of course they didn't mind. James spent most of the morning on the patio. Lali even brought a gift for him. Oh those Spanish chocolates were good (he shared).

Lunchtime. Sarah was working late so she took her Daddy out for lunch but they came back just in time for dessert.

During the meeting I tried to do FaceTime with my sister in Germany since she has now the new iPad. It was so much fun. She used to do bobbinlace too. I introduced her to each of my friends and showed Ute what they were working on. Yup, love my gadgets. Isn't it amazing what we can do these days? Ha-ha my sister loves her gadget now too.
Tuesday the 10th - Election Day. This was our very first time to vote since we are now citizens. We take that seriously.

I told the people at the voting station that it was our first time ever and one lady was so excited that she ran away and came back with this little gift for me.

Don't know what day this was but Sarah wanted to do a few errands and Caleb was about to take a nap when his mother saw this turtle hurrying along outside - which of course we had to check out. As you can see, Caleb was not impressed.

Yes, Saturday the 14th was Flagday!

It was also Father's Day weekend. Wade's parents had come to visit and we were invited to dinner too. Wade had made wonderful BBQ ribs on his green egg.
And, very important too, James had managed the numerous steps in and out of their house just fine.


And yes, there were the 4 days of USA Open golf and the World Cup Soccer now .....



  1. Mmmm. Cucumber sandwiches! And we would have loved anything you had at Amuse, but that crab cake with fried green tomatoes and pimento cheese makes me want to run right down there today! As a matter of fact, I have a friend coming through Richmond for lunch on Thursday and I’m thinking that Amuse would be perfect! Did you all just drop in or would we need lunch reservations?

    I always love seeing pictures of your little guys, but the first one of you and Caleb cracked me up! I love the set of his mouth in that one. He looks like, “Well, damn”.

    1. I think we did have reservations. We were early and not many people there but then it filled up pretty fast. We could have sat outside too. Ha, you should have seen Caleb trying bits of mango today!