Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The patient and me

Friday morning I brought our German visitors to Richmond airport and had to say good-bye. The three weeks have gone so fast. It was unfortunate that some (of my initial) plans for their stay had to be scrapped due to James' accident but I really think we all had a good time together anyway.
I must say how proud I am of both of my daughters who dug up their German and did really great with their conversations. I had no idea they were THAT good.
But there was no time to dwell on being alone. It's Sarah's day off and she came for lunch. She left Caleb with us for a couple of hours because she had promised to visit a friend.

When Caleb got very tired I thought a little walk in the neighborhood would be good. It didn't take many steps until he was asleep. A neighbor took this photo with my phone.

I did have a chance to take a look at my flowers in the front.

While I had been on a walk with Caleb, our very good friends from church Betty and A.P. visited James. Visits are great because James is quite bored! They brought gifts which seem to be for the whole family. I am sure we will have more fun when William comes too.

Video: Caleb and the frog
Video: Caleb and the balloon

Sarah had to work on the weekend so we also had Caleb Saturday morning. Unfortunately I did a big boo boo. Wade had lunch with us (he even brought the sandwiches) and when I wanted to quickly retrieve my sewing machine from being serviced while James had company, I backed out of the garage and into Wade's car. I was very upset with myself but when I confessed to my son-in-law (after he had carried the ton of a sewing machine upstairs) he said in his usual calm way that it was not a big deal. Really? How quickly one can make a mistake.
Wade must have forgiven me because he even came with Caleb to church Sunday morning.

I was happy though to have my machine back and used it Saturday evening to try my luck with the Block Lotto sneak peek. This must be the most difficult BL I tried yet. I did try paper piecing for the first time on the rays and really liked it. Sewing the curves need improving.

Sunday afternoon I realized that I needed to send the email to all CR quilters with the next monthly block pattern and needed to make my block to include the picture. And since I had missed last month's meeting I still had to make that block too. Needless to say I had a grand time because I find sewing projects relaxing. Thanks, James, for being a patient patient.

Besides that we had to think what needs to be cancelled. My flight to Europe, rented car, B+B in England, our tickets to the Henley Regatta etc etc. What did we forget?

Of course there is some good in everything. Since we are now not gone in the week with the 4th of July Helen and William can now visit. The flight tickets are bought. Between her and William's vacation schedule it gets more difficult every year. She couldn't come for Easter and that July week seemed the only opportunity for the whole year. So, yeah ...!!! 

We tried to get organized and into some kind of a routine. Where is James comfortable to sit, when to use crutches, when the wheelchair? It is all good. The weather has been so nice that we sit a lot on the back patio and enjoy nature. It's now my job to refill the bird feeder but they don't seem to care. I also changed the hummingbird food and had a visitor there too.

And yeah, James got his staples out yesterday. Progress every day!

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  1. I love the video of Caleb and the frog! He seems to be saying, "Something is NOT right here!"