Monday, July 14, 2014

Astronomical Challenge

A girl has to have fun. I love to create. Helen and William had left. True, I should have done some housework ... get things back into order ... put the toys away. But where is the fun in that? I remember that my mother told me she would leave the girls' fingerprints on the glass door for weeks before cleaning it after we had left.
Well, so I gave myself time for sewing. Sophie challenged us on Block Lotto to participate in THIS.
Can you imagine NASA Astronaut Karen Nyberg made a quilt block in outer space up in the space station? There is more info on the NASA website!
I love how the video shows the challenges of the fabric and tools floating around in the weightless atmosphere.

There are so many sooooo mannnyy star blocks out there in the quilt world ... which one to choose?
Destiny! Look what this month's calendar photo is? Helen gives me a quilt calendar every year for my birthday.

The calendar block is 14 inches. The challenge is supposed to be 9 inch (9 1/2 unfinished).
9 divided by 7 ... awkward! So I just had to put a little more background around. I must say that I like the vibrant colors.

I was not so proud about my corners (not meeting perfectly) but I decided to leave it up to the receiver whether they want to use it ... and actually mailed it off.
I was supposed to write my name with a marker onto the block though. This felt like graffiti to me and I didn't like to do it. But the good born-German I am, I stuck to the rules.

I wonder whether I will ever see it again.
Note: my father would be proud. He loved Space-travel and all about it, the stars, the moon, the constellations. When he came to the USA to visit us we took him to Cape Canaveral. He was "on the moon" or "in seventh heaven" (sorry, couldn't help it).
Another time when he was visiting the girls and I had a girl scout event where a female astronaut was present. I took a picture of him next to her and it was standing forever on a shelf above his bed (I wished I could find it. That was before digital time).
He will be smiling down on us because I think Helen his granddaughter is participating too.


  1. Love the link to the Astronaut, and couldn't resist putting it on my blog.
    I want hair like that!

  2. Your father and I would have been kindred spirits. I've always been fascinated with space travel. When we were at Disney World we got to see the Space Shuttle go over - I was entranced and have never forgotten the experience. I'd rather meet a real astronaut than any film star I know of!