Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Yes, in my previous blog I already wrote about the arrival of Helen and William. Yes, we were ready. You could have guessed from this picture who our visitors would be.


Saturday morning. William woke up from a good nights sleep. We took it very easy.

He was quite concerned about Papa's booboo.

Helen, William and I went shopping to Target. A few things were needed like bubble makers and water toys.

The cheapest bubbly toy was the best.

In case you are wondering ... yes, there is

a video

and another one.

We had promised William that we would take him to the pool in our community but we didn't want to go too early because of the strong sun. Since children have to leave at 4:30 pm we only had one hour. But it was fun.

James had come too and sat under the umbrella.

Investigating the crocodile (which at one point was supposed to be a deterrent for ducks and geese landing in the pool and making a mess.

Sunday morning. This was the one time that instead of having 8 am and 10 am services we only had a 9 am service. Helen's comment: "my luck". But after an again good nights sleep everybody was good and ready and we were on time. William was quite at home at St Martin's. We started outside in the Memorial Garden with part of a Rogation Service and then continued inside. Of course since James' accident he sits in the very back so he can put his leg up and if we are more than just me we go into the last row. William was asked to be crucifer for the children's sermon and he was beaming and did a really good job.

And later he joined Papa in the back.

The good thing about having the earlier combined service was that we were home earlier because we had invited Sarah's in-laws for lunch. Kathy and Mike were here from Pulaski for the weekend to babysit Caleb while his parents were away at a wedding in Florida (since we had originally planned to be away too). We had a great time together.

Of course it was a bit boring for William but he found something to play with.


William showed his bubbles to Caleb.

Yes, video

and another one!

In the late afternoon and evening both Helen and I managed to finish our June Block Lotto blocks. Difficult.

What an odd picture, right? Saw this little frog on the outside on the glass in the front door. Helen even saw him eating a mosquito.

Had to take a picture from the outside. He was so cute. Too bad it was so late and William was already asleep.

Monday!Sarah came with Caleb about 10 am.

Originally we had thought of going to the Botanical Gardens but since Sarah had to go to work after lunch we decided to just go to Meadow Farm Park.

This seemed to be William's favorite because he kept going back to it. We all had turns.

Had to take a video!

And another one!

When it was time to go, William was not happy. But helping Auntie by pushing the stroller with Caleb made it o.k.

The girls decided that we needed "Tomatenschnitten" for lunch because the other leftovers like the chicken salad and the mixed salad were not enough. Too bad I forgot to take a picture. They looked and were delicious. William showed the German in him because he wanted bites from his Mom's.

Aren't the cousins cute?

In the afternoon some shopping (Trader Joe's Jelly Beans without artificial colors) and lots of playing.


At the end William was exhausted. Papa read two books and it took 30 seconds until he was asleep. Hope he sleeps well because we have plans for tomorrow!






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  1. I love the pictures of the two of them together! It was so lovely seeing William on Sunday. What a cheerful and friendly little fellow he is!