Thursday, July 3, 2014

Visitors - part 2


Sarah had to go to work after lunch so she invited us to go swimming at the pool of the country club where they are members (hubby likes golf!) in the morning.
Caleb is watching when we were getting situated after arrival.

Ah, the water was refreshing.

William is very keen to learn swimming and doing very well. He doesn't mind getting splashed either.

Waiting for lunch.

Omi is walking Caleb in the stroller up and down along the pool. As always it didn't take long until he was taking a nap.

Some flower pictures so you don't say I only take food pictures.

Of course William fell asleep on the way home.

Waking him after a certain time so he still would go to bed in the evening at a good time was no easy thing. He was miserable ... and so were we because we could not figure out what was the matter. He had been looking so forward to ride with Papa on the electric wheelchair at Kroger. Finally he told us that he had a headache.

And after some children's Tylenol (which we actually opened before the cash register ... have mercy) in about 20 minutes after real misery he was the fun and happy and pleasant William again. And he was ready to go across the street from Kroger to Sweet Frog

And look what Helen saw in the garage on James' side! This us the amaryllis from Christmas.

Since you can buy amaryllis in Germany in cut-flower bouquets I decided to cut it and put it in a vase. It's beautiful!

William (and Helen) expected a parcel to arrive from Pops but it had not come in the regular mail. Great disappointment. I did look later again ... and there it was. How fun!

Pops had ordered a model of the space shuttle. William was very excited. He loves earth and stars and planets and rockets.

FaceTime with Pops to tell him "I really like it".


It is hot this week so we decided to go to the science museum. We meet Sarah in front. William helps pushing Caleb.

First thing we meet a young museum person who can turn this sphere into the earth or moon or any star or planet. William knew more about it and could answer more then I could. His great-grandfather Heinz would have been so proud and happy.

At 11 am we went to see the rat basketball. It was more about animal behavior and training but fun and interesting.

And then we just wandered around. Whatever William liked best really. Of course he wanted a souvenir penny (which cost Omi a dollar) but he was so interested to see what happened.

I wanted to take a picture with him and it but he was tired of saying "cheese".

TMI. Actually too much to take in. So we looked at the old train cars (the museum used to be a train station at one time) and then went home.

Lunch at home. It's Wednesday. You are right: sushi from Martin's. Then chilling and playing. And Sarah has to go to work.

Later Helen, William and I decided to go back to the science museum again. Our tickets are still good. Might as well get our money's worth.

I didn't take many pictures but here are the videos from the day:
Video A - getting dizzy
Video B - the three balls
Video C - the coin well
Video D - wild boys on bubble window
Video E - bubble window 2
Video F - bubble window 3
Video G - bubble window 4

I wonder which one is your favorite?

The last thing was the allusion room. We had a lot of fun because sometimes William looked taller then Omi on the monitor. Mommy tried to take a picture.

Another day full of fun and excitement. We are all tired!

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  1. Wonderful day. I hope that you got a little snooze in, too! I know that I would have needed one.