Monday, October 6, 2014

More Nashville Time

Thursday October 2


Helen had fall break this week so didn't have to teach today but William had school. So, Helen brought him there and then came to us.

Helen and I spend most of the time upstairs sewing. She made big progress on a project she would like to finish. At the end she said that she got some nice "sewing therapy".



When it was time, Papa picked William up from school and went to a park for some nice exercise.




William knew the place were you get some all natural popsicles"



Friday October 3


The day started off well with Sarah calling with FaceTime. Caleb seemed to recognize us. Yeah! But I didn't get the screen photo when he smiled. I thought only at the last minute of taking one.



Helen told us that William woke up very excited because Papa had promised to pick him up at 9:30 am and take him to the science museum. The two of them had a grand time and even had lunch together.






Helen went to get her flue shot and then came over. At 2:30 pm we had to be in Murfreesboro. William had an appointment to have his hair cut. He kept changing his mind between wanting it cut and no, he didn't need a haircut. But when it came down to it he didn't mind.

It's a place especially for children. He selected the plane to sit in.






Afterwards we walked to Sweet CeCe's. William called it Sweet Frog because that is what it's called in Virginia. He remembered that we took him there.




It's a very nice open-air shopping center. I saw several statues. We came across this one on our way back to the car. Love it.






Before we got back into the car we went to Stride Rite though to get William new shoes. The boy is growing ... and so are his feet. He really cooperated, liked these shoes right away and wanted to keep them on to go home in.




Saturday October 4


Today it was William's turn to get his flue shot. Helen told us he was very good about it. And he got a very pretty bandaid.

We decided to go on a walk and took a picnic with us. The shelter with the tables was occupied by a party so we found a bench. Not so comfy but o.k. William liked the picnic and ate his whole sandwich.



Longhunter Park is a lovely place. The hiking trail is a 2 mile loop around the lake.



William wanted to take his old tricycle along. Not a problem. He did really well. Only at the end did we push him once in a while a little bit.





Most of the walk was in the forest but we always had a great view of the lake. At this point we saw a beautiful gray heron on the near shore.



William took a good look.



On the way home we past a DQ and had to stop.




Almost brain freeze at this point.




Sunday October 5


We met Helen and William at their church for the service. Afterwards Helen had to do a quick shopping so we took William home.



When Helen arrived we had lunch and the she and William did same baking. William wanted to make cupcakes for Papa's birthday tomorrow.











When they came out of the oven he wanted to taste one but of course they were still too hot. So, Papa took him for a walk.

On the way back he who doesn't want to take naps fell asleep in the car. Helen had to carry him in and upstairs on his bed.




Papa had worn the boy out so much that we had trouble waking him. But it was really time. At 6:30 pm we met Ben for dinner. He treated us at a very nice Turkish restaurant.

Another lovely day!



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