Friday, October 17, 2014

Nashville (Cheekwood) ... and going home

Thursday October 9

Yes, William slept til almost 8 and woke up with a smile. The weather didn't look very promising and we contemplated what to do. We had hoped to go to Cheekwood but weren't so sure any more with the possibility of rain. But then we decided to give it a try anyway. Good thing we did because we had a great time.

We are members at Cheekwood so because of the mailings James knew that the special exhibition at the moment was all about scarecrows. It was very cool. I am not sure what William thought about it but Omi loved it. There had gone a lot of thought and artistic work gone into most of them.

There was also a pumpkin patch. William was not so impressed with that but he did like the two games we played. Even got one in here.

So much to see.

There was a house totally out of sticks, subdivided like a maze. In the beginning there were other people with a little boy just a little older then William. The boy tried to make horrible "Halloween" sounds. First William was a little scared but then he told the boy several times that he "should be nice to people". I told him that the boy just tried to have some Halloween fun and I think he was fine with that. I thought it was cute.


One of my favorite pictures. We spent a lot of time here. William (and Papa) threw leaves into the brook and watched them float away (or not).

It wasn't easy to get going.

We went past the mansion/museum but I dashed in to find the restroom. William decided he wanted to check out the museum and really liked looking around. Photography was not allowed! Upstairs was the dining table covered with this tablecloth. I went and asked for permission to take photos of it since I was a lacemaker and thought my lacemaking friends would like to see it. It was granted. As far as I could see: cut work with inserted needlelace.

View from the terrace.

And this long wall along the driveway ... it always needs to be walked on at every visit.

Here you can see the "stick house" on the right. We went in again when we passed it.

And then we decided we were hungry. Too far to go home and there is a lovely restaurant.
William told the waitress he really liked her flowers. He also liked the pre-lunch cupcakes.

He also liked his water cup. Look at this VIDEO!

Back at the townhouse Helen comes for a little while but then it is time to say "good-bye". William is looking forward to visit us in "Girginia" in November. What a great time we had!

Friday October 10

We got up early and got going. What a miserable day weather-wise. Rain, pouring rain, most of the way. But there were some first signs of lovely fall foliage.

And yes, fog in the mountains before Charlottesville.

One thing we were really happy about: "Red" the new car did great. The adaptive cruise control and the lane departure warning system are just great. We arrived home a little later then usual but safe.

And after that: trying to get back into the groove.


  1. I love the scarecrows! And it looks like William and Papa had a game of Pooh Sticks going there at the bridge!

  2. Yes, but with leaves. James had to explain to me what is was though. Winnie is not really known in Germany, at least not at my time.