Thursday, October 2, 2014

New Red and Nashville time

Monday August 25
As my previous blog indicates, we set our alarms for 5:30 am and were on the road at 6:23 ... in our new car "Red".
We had the thought for quite a while that it might be time to trade. Last week we had a moment where we went to the dealer to inquire ... and came away with the purchase. Red was the only color I liked but they didn't have one. One had to be brought in with the features we wanted plus a few extra. So the actual day was last Thursday. Ever since the children were little we went with a new car to eat dinner at a Chinese restaurant. Only once we didn't and promptly had a no-fault accident. Ever since then we stick to our family tradition.

There it is: in front of "Peking". I thought of posting on FaceBook "had to go and eat Chinese" and Helen would have known what that meant. But we decided to surprise her. We wondered whether/when she would noticed after we arrived. Well, she has a keen eye. It was silly. We should have told.

We arrived about 4 pm. The drive was very good. One of "Red's" features we didn't know we wanted is the adaptive cruise control. Wikipedia says: ... is similar to conventional cruise control in that it maintains the vehicle's pre-set speed. However, unlike conventional cruise control, this new system can automatically adjust speed in order to maintain a proper distance between vehicles in the same lane. If the lead vehicle slows down, or if another object is detected, the system sends a signal to the engine or braking system to decelerate. Then, when the road is clear, the system will re-accelerate the vehicle back to the set speed. So you roll along even changing lanes but never have to brake and reset. It really makes for a more relaxed travel.
William couldn't wait to see us. He brought Mommy and Pops.

Since there is not (yet) much food in the townhouse when we arrive we usually go out for dinner. So all 5 of us went to Ruby Tuesday's. William and I had some fun while we waited for the food. Helen took these pics.

Tuesday September 30

Tues and Thu William goes to preschool. On these days Helen usually teaches but it is fall break for her this week. So, she brought him to school with the promise that Papa would pick him up. She came over and we did some what she calls "therapy sewing". It was fun.
Papa arrived back with William who then "helped" Omi make mango cream. He loves it. Well, we all do.

Helen had reported that William had told her the evening before that he was sad. He wanted to stay the night at Omi and Papa's. So we all said he could this night. Helen told him three times that she was leaving and it was o.k. if he changed his mind. But he was sure that he wanted to sleep here.
We took a mattress from the guest room and put it in the corner in our bedroom. He loved it. He has grown so much that the formerly used pack-n-play will not do any longer.
We had a great evening, he had fun in the bathtub, washed his hair and even let me dry it and went to bed willingly. He said the cutest prayer, forgot something and said a second. He tried so hard to fall asleep but it took a while for that to happen. So cute, the little man.

Wednesday October 1

He gave us a big smile when he woke up. We asked him what he wanted for breakfast. I suggested pancakes and he asked whether I had blueberries. No I didn't. Papa offered to get some. Since William likes shopping they both went while I make the batter. Finally I have some done and he refuses the first batch. He wants one without blueberries!

May not be a morning person?

We take turns to play with him. He plays very well even by himself but he likes it when somebody else is on the floor. In the afternoon, when Helen was there too, he was tired and a bit frustrated because the three of us where talking and he said "I need a person to play with me!" Could you keep a straight face then?

The weather was so nice that we thought we should still squeeze in a walk before Helen comes to bring him to his speech lesson. We took bread for the ducks along.

No ducks, no geese, not even fish wanted the bread.

But we still had fun.
We even had time to try to dig a hole for the mums Helen gave me. Clay, pure clay. But it gave us something to do. And they are so pretty next to the front door.

He was not happy to go when Helen picked him up. The promise that Papa would get him again helped. James and I both went (Helen had a lunch commitment) and since it was 12:30 we went straight to the Mexican place close by.
First he wasn't happy because he was so tired but then he had a good lunch and obviously felt better.

More playing (on the floor) as in the morning and finishing the planting of the mums with a spade Helen had brought (I had texted her). At 5 we drove to Helen's church. Light dinner is served (sloppy joes today) and a short service. A very friendly church. Several people recognized us as having been there before.


  1. You all look so happy and your grandson is really growing up. I cannot wait to see my granddaughters on Sunday having been away so long.

    1. It had been a long time since we saw them. Thank goodness for FaceTime.

  2. Love seeing the recent pictures of the boys! I missed seeing them while you were on your trip! William certainly loves you being back!