Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Portico addition

Ever since we moved into our place here in 2008 we thought that the front door is missing something. It is not nice for visitors if it is raining.

Well, finally we could do something about it. HOA requires that you get permission with plans etc etc and from Henrico County also. Since somebody else in our community had already gone through all of that (his son had drawn the plans and built it) it was very easy for us.

Bob the builder started on Monday. This picture was taken at 8:24 am.



Monday 11:19 am



Monday 5:02 pm -a day's worth of labor



Tuesday 12:30 - holes are dug, but there is a little problem.



The sprinkler pipes need to be relocated. The sprinkler man comes by and tells what to do. He will fix it in a few days.



Tuesday 5:41pm - great progress



Wednesday 10:04 am -the concrete is hard enough for the pillars.



Wednesday 11:08 am



It's a sideways panorama photo - hence the bend looking house corner.



Thursday 2:53 pm - painted and signed off by the county.



Only the sprinkler left to do and a bit of landscaping!

Love it!



  1. Very nice. I'd like one over our front door!

    1. We are very pleased with the builder. Happy to give you his number! But you might have to hurry. Good number of neighbors want one too!