Monday, March 30, 2015

Visitors ... part 2

First a disclaimer. Mmhh, might not be the right word. But these are not all my photos and videos. James, Helen and Sarah contributed too.
Don't know whether timing was good or bad but Helen's visit and Sarah's first move (into the temporary place) came at the same time.

Monday 3/23

The good thing: the inspection of Sarah's new house was scheduled for 3:30 and Helen could take a quick look because she and Papa might be able to help with Caleb once Sarah arrives. Later on Sarah took her by the temporary place too (can't remember when) but Helen could get an idea about all three places. She had not seen some of the remodeling they had done either.
While Helen and Papa were gone William and I had fun. Sun was shining too so we could go for a walk in the neighborhood. William really liked the looks of the pine tree making new pine cones. So we took a photo together.

That flying toy from the Dollar Store is still a favorite. It will not last much longer because the center is worn down but we just can't find a replacement. If we knew then that we should have bought a dozen?
William also likes the "helping hand". It's good practice in dexterity for those little hands.

And of course we need to spoil ourselves once in a while.

Parachute-Teddy is also still fun. Here is a VIDEO.

Tuesday 3/24

Helen wished that she could have been visiting when Marsha gave a lesson in appliqué at the CR quilters meeting one month.
We call Marsha the appliqué queen because she has made many beautiful quilts with this technique. She is very generous sharing her knowledge and Helen was getting a privat lesson. We walked to her house at 10 am. We were in awe about her studio and seeing her work. Helen was very happy and said Marsha was an excellent teacher. This is going to be Helen's mug rug.

While Helen (and I) were at the lesson James went with William to Maymont. Of course William liked the animals (not so much the predator birds though).

They had a picnic lunch which included donuts. But it was so lousy cold that they had to come back home too soon.

Wednesday 3/25

Sarah had taken a vacation day since her sister was visiting and the girls, their boys and I went to the Children's Museum next to the Science Museum.
Right at the entrance was an interesting contraption at the wall, robes almost like a vac. You could stick a scarf in and watch it go and come flying out. Sarah took two videos. One has some slow-motion she tried out.

Could not pass up this photo opportunity in the corner about the dinosaurs. You have to take a series of pictures especially if there are two younger people involved! I think they are really cute!

So much to explore. William was really cute with his cousin.

Sarah took Caleb into the "younger section" where he was busy for a while.

William had fun with the "Apple tree". You collect the apples and pour them into a machine (inside the tree).

After a good while though we found the many groups of school children (and some were not were nice) overwhelming. We also were hungry. So we met James for lunch in "Peking".

William had not been happy to leave the museum so the girls decided to put both car seats into Sarah's car and go back. The cousins had fun on the back seats and then at the museum because most groups were gone.

Sarah took more pictures in the Children's Museum.

William the anchor man!

Ah, yes, he had wanted to go on that carousel already in the morning. A wish come true!

In the evening William prefers a snack instead of dinner and his mother is the best snack maker.


Thursday 3/26 ...... that will be part 3!



  1. That tube thing at the Children’s Museum is fantastic. Jessica always loved children’s museums, but they have really improved since we used to take her. When I talked to William on Sunday, he was very excited to talk about his cousin. He told me that he’d told Caleb “I’m your cousin!” Such a small little guy!

    1. This Children's Museum next to the Science Museum is great. Last time James went to another one and didn't like it at all.
      Yes, William was great with Caleb. We told him before Caleb came to the house that he made take the train tracks apart and he was o.k. With it.