Monday, March 23, 2015


Friday March 20 - the day is here. 6:55 pm and the plane is on time. William spotted Papa, dropped his backpack and started running. He gave us both a really great hug.

We had dinner but then had to play a little to chill. The old flying toy is still a favorite. It will not last much longer since the middle is almost worn out.

We actually had to set the alarm clock to be dressed, have breakfast and leave before 9:30. Papa got tickets for a Richmond Symphony Orchestra children's event. "Petting zoo" from 10 to 11 and concert from 11 to noon.
But first Papa had to answer questions William had about South America. Got to find the page.

We made it in good time and it was a lot of fun. Sarah met us with Caleb at the door.
William went straight to the cello ... and here is a VIDEO.

Then he tried the viola ... and here is a VIDEO.

Then he tried the violin ... and here is a VIDEO.

Papa and Sarah took turns with Caleb who wasn't quite sure about this.

I missed a great moment when he tried the cello. My camera was ready just when he was finished.

William tried the flute ... and here is a VIDEO.

William was so excited when he met Caleb and was really very sweet to him. He said to him "you are my cousin".

Then he tried the clarinet ... and here is a VIDEO.

Got to try the percussions ... and here is a VIDEO.

He had to try the cello again ... and yes, another VIDEO. But ...
... here is another VIDEO from July 2012 when Helen had taking him to an event like this in Nashville. Just a few years difference!

VIDEO William trying the bells.

VIDEO William trying the water bottles.

The concert was open seating and there was plenty of choice. William is admiring the theater.

We all decided that the concert could have been a little shorter but it was really a good event all around.
We were in two cars but we met at The Noodle Place and Wade joined us too.

Helen was in desperate need of a nap but the weather was gorgeous so James and I went with William for a long walk in the neighborhood. He is a trooper and we had to study, investigate and talk about a lot of things.

How did this get broken. We found out a tree had fallen on it. Deduction, Dr Watson!

He was totally worn in the evening and fell asleep in a minute (after Papa read with him).

Everybody had a good nights sleep and then a good breakfast. Who is ready to play with the flying toy? Ups, it landed behind the sofa. William needs Papa's help with the "helping hand" tool.

Of course the morning was taken up with church. William was very social with all of our friends and well behaved. He made several happy with big hugs.
Pizza for lunch and then Papa went with William to Meadow Farm Park. He loves anything train. I think they were gone for 2 1/2 hours.

Before dinner we played a couple games of "Robot Turtle". A board game. William seems to get into it now (after Helen read the directions last night, ha-ha). It is very age-appropriate (mmhh, for him).

Nobody was really hungry for dinner but Helen fixed a snack for William. He gobbled it all up.

I was working on things for the church in the loft. Helen was building train tracks with William in the living room but somehow he is not into it. He is just plain exhausted and close to a little melt down ... something about the little teddy needs a parachute. Oh well, I need a break with the bookkeeping so I am calling that I can try to make teddy a parachute.
William comes up and helps. He presses his little finger on the yarn so that I can make a tide knot on each corner. William lets the parachute go from the loft and "yeah" it works. It looks actually really neat. He was so excited. We had to watch him on the steps because he was so excited, wanting to let teddy go, wanting to retrieve teddy, wanting to see teddy float (for a brief moment) under the parachute. I bet we have to do it again tomorrow.

I must say William was very good at the end though. We gave him a forewarning and told him it was time to get ready for bed. We told him when he was ready teddy could go two more times. No problem!


  1. Loved Williams face as he raced towards you!

    What a great music program. Jessica would have adored something like that when she was little.

    1. It's amazing how much is out there to do but you somehow need to know about it.