Sunday, August 23, 2015

A lost week

Last Sunday we had a craft workshop at the church. It was fun and we made progress with items for the bazaar.




I thought that the workshop would kick off a very busy week but ...

Monday afternoon I started feeling bad though and soon I was very very miserable. Caleb had a runny nose when we saw him Friday and Saturday. Sarah thinks his is mainly allergies though. But whatever mine was, it was no fun. Later in the week James had a sore throat and felt weak too.

Yes. The week was pretty much lost. Didn't feel like doing much. No hikes. A few feeble walks. No Stitchers on Thursday. Very slowly I did sort out a few more things In my queendom. Yeah! Of that I am proud. No church Sunday morning. Even so I felt finally better, I still sounded not so good. I thought people might feel anxiety if they thought they could catch something being to close to us. No need for that.

During the week we had tried to interest 3 different people (carpenter, painter, handyman) to mount two curtain rod brackets for us. We were very willing to pay. I didn't want James so high up the ladder. Drilling two holes into studs. Screwing two screws. None came through for us.

Saturday evening we decided to do just a little walk around the neighborhood. When we passed the house of our friends Larry and Janet they were outside and the garage was open. We chatted for a moment and since he had a large ladder (22 feet) we asked whether we could borrow it. They decided to come over though today to bring it. And it was really and truly long enough. And the men decided just to do it.



A bag to reach up tools.




Janet and I were mainly supervising from the living room. We all decided we love it!



Today would have been my mother's birthday! Sigh. At least I have wonderful memories. I had the best parents!



  1. I am glad you're feeling better ... and hope your voice comes back to normal soon. I love the quilt hanging in that spot.

  2. Craft time looks like fun, as always. Sorry to miss it!

    So sorry you were sick! Glad you are feeling better.

    I got dizzy just looking at James on top of that ladder! Whew. But the quilt looks perfect!

    1. Yeah! you are home. I have to miss the next craft time.
      After 3 different handymen didn't care to do it we had to do it ourselves. I am very happy with it. You should see the contraptions we have when we want to change the quilt. Have to make another quilt first ... and then it will be in a blog.