Saturday, August 15, 2015

First week back home

Friday we drove all day. Saturday James had his church men's breakfast.

I went to a quilters' yard sale in a church in Chesterfield. And I was there at 9am at opening. Some things were quite expensive but I did come home with two large bags of fabric. Mainly fat quarters but larger pieces too. Since then I washed and now iron, straighten, folding and sorting.

But what was this supposed to be? There where about a dozen pieces like this.




Monday August 10


The day of my monthly lace meeting and it was close to Sarah. I had asked her whether I could briefly stop by before going home since I had not seen her/them in a while. She decided she wanted us to stay for dinner.

Caleb was busy: eating a snack, watering the front porch plants ...









... and waiting for Papa. He decided where Omi was Papa should be too. Finally Papa arrived too and read to him. Caleb likes books too.





Getting close to bedtime!



Back home I quickly finished the lace. This is my success of the day! Another lace Chrismon. Great feeling!




Tuesday August 11

CR Quilters in the morning (see other blog).




I had a meeting from 10 to 12 but after lunch James and I did a great hike, starting at the Pumphouse, walking the Northbank Trail etc etc. We had done it before so I didn't think I needed to take more pictures but it was a hot day and look at all those sunbathers and swimmers at the James River. The water level is very low right now so plenty of exposed rocks at the rapids.




6.63 miles says James gadget. Mine never says the same.




Thursday morning ... haircut at 9:30 and then right away to the Stitchers all day. The only thing we could do have a good neighborhood walk in the evening.




Complicated to get everything into the day we wanted to do. Another hike first so we got up at 6am and drove to the Pocahontas State Park which is a little further then Sarah. It was great!




The map doesn't show that we had to go some stretches several times.



We had planned to go home, shower, have lunch and then go to Sarah's. But time was running away. Friday is her day off and she wanted help with some drapes. Just to be on the safe side we had packed the sewing machine and a cooler with lunch in the car. Good thing we did. So I called Sarah whether we could shower there.

After lunch (Tomatenschnitten as appetizers while Sarah baked a pizza) we tackled the curtains. Caleb "helped".




Wade's birthday! He didn't want a party ... but somehow he got us for dinner anyway. Happy Birthday, Wade!






Sarah's weekend to work. Wade claimed his "babysitting coupon" so he could play golf. 9am. James and I had brought the love seat from Nashville. It's either for Sarah or the church yard sale. James got it when he first arrived in New Jersey 40 years ago. Caleb likes it in his playroom.




Then we went for a 1.5 Mike walk. Caleb likes watching the boats on the river.








Very busy week. You think this is TMI? I left out a lot of things, ha-ha.




  1. So nice for you that where ever “home” is for you all, you have a nice grandson to share time with!

    Beautiful Chrismon!

    1. Thank you. Yes, and wherever we are, we miss the other.
      I do like my lace Chrismons. Wished I had time because there are several which I still have to make. I am afraid they might not be finished by Advent.