Monday, August 10, 2015

Still more Nashville time

Well, actually Monday was Bowling Green time. Helen's big plans: to visit the Lost River Cave.

First I need to report though that Helen got good news. Sunday morning she had gone with Drifter to take his test. Helen had worried about this test. He passed and is not only a "Canine Good Citizen" but also a Registered Therapy Dog, READ (Reading Education Assistance Dog). He has big paws to fill. His "older sister" Silvi has retired but I am sure that she (and Helen) helped change many children's lives for the better. We are happy for Helen.
Drifter is just like Silvi a rescue dog.

Back to Monday morning. It was about an hour's drive to Bowling Green in Kentucky. Weather was great and we found it easily. Order of business: buy the tickets and look for the restrooms. William was impressed with this sink.

We were sent here to wait for the noon tour in about 10 minutes . Helen took some of the pictures.

Just a little time to read about the area. A sketch always helps you better understand.

William is checking out the recycling bins. He threw something away for Helen and had to make sure about the right bin.

Our guide educated us about the blue holes and it was funny.

The entrance to the cave.

The boat ride was fun. William was a little scared so being on Papa's lap was great. Well, it was very dark.

In the very beginning and at the end we had to bend down very much because the ceiling was so low at one point.

The place has gone through several different stages over the years. At one point this was a dance floor. Actually, it is used now for the occasional wedding reception or other party. All can be subject to high waters though.

Afterwards we were heading for lunch and on the way we stopped at a quilt shop which is participating in the Row by Row. Quite a nice pattern.

They already had a winner and the quilt was displayed.

William's choice for lunch was Chick-fil-a. Afterwards Helen treated us to dessert.

Fun on the backseats on the way home.

When James and I dropped Helen and William off there were some tears. He wanted to spend the night. It was orientation evening at the school though and I think he was a bit worried about the whole thing. He finally calmed down when he understood that the plan was that his parents were bringing him in his pjs. Yeah, pajama party.
He met his new teacher, saw the school library and was quite happy. We had a good evening and good night.

Tuesday ... Helen is teaching
No school for William yet. So, after breakfast, the three of us drove to Murfreesboro. Helen had told us that there is a Discovery Center.

He was so excited and ran from station to station. We hardly could keep up with him. And there were two of us!
Yes, there is a VIDEO!

Another VIDEO!

It was really too hot to walk around outside.

Just a quick photo. I love water plants.

William's choice for lunch? Chick-fil-a again. Not far from it ... two quilt shops with Row by Rows.

Tuesday evening was "open house" at William's new school. He wanted Papa and Omi to come too. I must say it is an extremely friendly place.

William's teacher has labeled the lockers with the children's names and she was very impressed that he found his locker. I took this picture.

Helen took this one.

William checked everything out.

His room is on Smiling Street.

To celebrate we had dinner in Istanbul (a Turkish restaurant). William likes the lentil soup. We have been there a few times already.

Wednesday August 5th
Officially William's first day of Kindergarten. Helen shared photos with us.

This is the backpack HE selected.

Living just a little less then 1 mile from the school means no school bus. William will be a "walker" most of the time ... except if the weather is too bad or so.
Drifter was excited to pick up his boy too.

Of course Drifter couldn't go all the way (on school property) so Pops had to do that. William liked his first day (a half day) and wants to go every day.

He was disappointed when he was told "no school the next day because it was Election Day". He was ok with it though because it meant spending the night with Papa and Omi. He packed his little suitcase again. He loves to ring our doorbell.

These three played in the living room and I prepared some dinner for all of us. William loves it when all 5 of us are around the table.

He loves appetizers. Loves dipping the veggies.

I had not made "Frikadellen" in a long time. They must have been ok because not much left from 2 lbs.

William keeps finding all sorts of things in the toy box. Sometimes we have to invent a new way how to play with it. This one he got from Helen's friend Kim when he was just born. Her mother had made it.

Oh yes, more play after Ben and Helen had left. This thing from the dollar store gave us lots of laughs. And work-outs too when it landed behind the sofa or TV.

Thursday ... Forecast said it would rain pretty much all day which was right. What to do?
He needed a raincoat (for walking to school) and I had to exchange 2 shorts at Carter's which I had brought from Virginia and didn't fit. Opry Mills Mall has a Carter's.
He was fascinated with the train which was right outside the store. He was very cooperative in the store and even tried on the new shorts in the fitting room. Of course he deserved a ride! VIDEO!

Just after walking down the mall a few steps William was excited to meet his friend from church Sedona and her dad.

At the other end of the mall is a restaurant called Aquarium. Oh, was he fascinated. So Papa splurged and invited us to lunch. This was the view from our table.

The prices were a bit steep but he ate most of his "sand dollar pizza".

More walking. No chance to go past this ha-ha. VIDEO!
(At this point I have to apologize for the poor quality of the videos in this blog. They look good on my iPhone but after uploading ... Tried it several times. Don't know what is different this time. Sigh)

Back at the house. The forecast was right. Rain all day on and off. But we had things to do. The first thing he had said when he woke up that morning " your last day". Helen had prepared him well. He was kind of ok with it though and even helped me carry "his bed" back into the guest room. He even enjoyed the vacuuming.

Last evening. We were invited to dinner. Another lovely family meal. Ben sure knows how to use his green egg too. We had asked William to do a fashion show for his parents to approve the purchases. He wanted to know what a fashion show was so Omi demonstrated how you walk.

Later he showed off his new pjs. We seem to have done right.

Friday ... We woke up even before the alarm went off. On the road at 6am. All routine.
We broke with our routine a little though. James was a very good sport and we stopped at 3 quilt stores which were really close to the highway. I missed the one in Wytheville because I looked too late at the map. It was fun.
Kingsport, TN

Abingdon, VA

Fairfield, VA ... this one was very interesting because it was in a very old house (half of it). We were told it must be at least 200 years because it was the post office in 1811.

Home in good enough time to even go for a neighborhood walk. That felt good after sitting in the car all day.
We always love our Nashville visits but this seemed especially special. Maybe it is always the most recent one or may be its because William is getting older and we can interact more ...


  1. Congratulations to William for doing so well on his first day! Its nice when they are excited and ready instead of fearful! What wonderful times you have with him - no wonder he anticipates your visits with so much joy!

  2. Das ist also Dein Leben in Ausschnitten... mit Frikadellen und Enkel, Höhlen und Patchwork. Toll!