Sunday, August 2, 2015

More Nashville time

William spent the night with us and woke up smiling at us.

He likes Omi's breakfast ... homemade applesauce (with carrots and prunes) mixed with cooked oats.

We thought it was going to be another very hot day so James found on the internet that there is a Tennessee State Museum. It is actually in the TPAC building. It's quite big, three stories and it's free.

There are lots of interesting things. This is a wagon settlers would have moved west in. For example there were those flip things questioning what they would have taken with them. Hands on!

Helen would have liked this quilt corner with several antique quilts in the next room. I have to write a separate more detailed blog for my "threads site".

Back home for lunch and then playtime.

In the evening we all want to go to Cheekwood. We pack a picnic and drive over to pick up Ben and Helen. William falls asleep just before we reach their house. We let him sleep though and all 5 of us continue on our way.

We like Cheekwood Botanical Garden. We visit it every time we are here. James found on the internet that Thursday evening is family entertainment.
We didn't quite know what to expect but we were there in good time and had an excellent parking spot.

The special sculpture exhibition was still there (saw them in May) like the treehuggers. I think they are really cool.

People all around us were very friendly and William had a good run around.
The music was nice but nothing really special. I think it might have been some of the equipment. But it still was fun. I took a VIDEO!
William wanted to dance. Helen took a VIDEO of that.

William was scheduled to get a vaccination shot to be ready for kindergarten. He requested that Omi and Papa come too. We were supposed to pick them up at 10:30 but then got a call to come earlier. Helen had discussed the shot with him and he felt that he could endure it with a new monster jam (car) in his hands. So we made a quick stop and Omi was happy to pay the 3.88 plus tax. It did help. And the whole thing didn't take long.
After that we made our way to Mt Juliet to the shopping mall. First lunch at Olive Garden. We have our traditions. Shopping was not really a success except for the last stop at Aldi. William was not happy at all when we dropped him and Helen off at home. He sobbed that he wanted to spend the night with Omi and Papa. Well, tomorrow.
We didn't do much after that but decided to have a quick walk in the neighborhood before it gets dark. We were almost caught by the sprinklers on the golf course.



It was around 9 am when we were on our way to pick up William. First Saturday of the month Helen takes him to Home Depot for a workshop. It is an excellent program and totally free. Every time it is a different project. There is a sign-in desk in this corner and they have a kit for every child and tools and workspace. Parents and child work together.

Yes, got a VIDEO!
And another VIDEO!

Helen is training Drifter to be a therapy dog just like Silvi was (who has retired) so they were walking the aisles since this is one of the few stores which allows dogs.

William has finished his project, a chalkboard door hanger.
After finishing the children should look for "Homer". William went back to the sign-in desk and whispered into the ladies ear where he found "Homer" and gets a treat. They were out of balloons.

We went home and had lunch. And we played the rest of the day all sorts of things and had a lot of fun. Papa and William also read several books.

William found Omi's new Tilley!

Ben and Helen came for dinner. William and I wrote on the chalkboard door knob hanger "Welcome Pops + Mom" and hung it on the front door. I should have taken a photo.
I tried a new recipe: meatloaf in the crock-pot. I had searched and found it on the Internet. James says it's a keeper and suggested slight improvements. It was very easy and I like that. I made "Opa Heinz potatoes" which from now on might be called "potato pizza" because that's what William called them. Helen said that he never eats potatoes. Well, he ate those.
It was a lovely evening. We found all sorts of things to play with. It took William 2 minutes to fall asleep when he was in bed.


William woke up at 6 and wanted to clime into our bed. I took him to the bathroom and look what happened then! Snoring in the middle of us.


Breakfast done. Ready for church in a new shirt. Taking a picture for Mommy.



Church with William is quite an experience. For a 5 year old he is very well behaved but ... he thinks he has jobs to do and he is very serious about it. I was a bit nervous about it. We sat in the second to last pew. The lady who carries the cross in and out is so sweet and lets him "help" her. He has his hand on it too and marches with her. He knows when to stop, when to bow, when to turn etc. It's really cute. He also helps with the offertory. Nobody minds. Today they had a reception for the organist who is moving away. So he had a cupcake.

After church into play clothes. Papa is really into it. I love listening to them ...



... while I did a little kitchen duty for once. It was really necessary. All play and no work is not good, ha-ha. And as I said, I enjoyed listening to "the boys".





I think he had a good time with us because he wants to spend another night. We were invited to Ben and Helen for dinner which was very nice. They even had hung up the chalkboard which William had made yesterday with a new message.



Big plans for tomorrow. Better have a good night's sleep.


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  1. You two are the BEST grandparents I’ve ever known. Love the quilt pictures at the museum – especially the crazy quilt, my favorite type.