Monday, December 7, 2015

Too busy to blog

OMG ... I thought the two weeks in Nashville would be kind of "quiet" times. It's different now. William is in school all day all week. I even thought I could start another new pair of socks for William since he likes his knitted ones so much.


Friday Nov.27


Thanksgiving is over. After two sleepovers with us after our arrival William had spent last night with his parents. But since we are telling him that he can't spend the night if there is school the next day he thinks he should if it is not.

It's the end of the month and I have to produce the St Martin newsletter The Cloak. I use every free minute. Last night and this morning I have made good progress. Helen and Willam arrive and we decide to visit Cheekwood Botanical Garden. Lunch at The Pineapple Restaurant. It was fun. William likes the little complementary mini muffins.



Then it's time to do a little walking. Cheekwood is almost ready for the Holiday Lights (opening tonight). It's quite pretty. These trees were wrapped in colored lights which looked like little flowers.



But of course William knew exactly where he wanted to go.




Yes, the trains. We spent most of the time there. Well, why not? He ran the circles around a dozen times.




Peeking into the tunnel.



Finally we were allowed to move on. Santa had brought two of his reindeer here for a rest.



Back to the townhouse for some Thanksgiving leftovers.




After Helen left the three of us played hard. Omi had brought something from Virginia. Actually we had brought it from our last visit to Windsor with a stack of books.






Saturday Nov 28


It's always the same. William wakes up in his corner, sits up and smiles at us. He likes his blow-up bed. Then he comes into our bed for just a little while, then I go down with him for breakfast. We have our routine. "What would you like for breakfast?" It's always oats with Omi's applesauce.

When Papa arrives having finished in the (one person) bathroom, we break out of the routine and decide to have some boiled eggs. No problem for William. He still has room. Of course Papa plays the same game with him like with his mother. "Would you like another egg?" (And pushes over his upside down empty one) This never seems to get old!



Time to hurry. Today is the Home Depot children's workshop. Papa and William meet Helen there. Omi works on the church newsletter. But I can see the photos and the finished product.




Santa was at the workshop too.



There is never a bad time for reading.



Late afternoon Papa and William meet Helen and Drifter at a new place Helen found. PawWash. For $10 you can wash your dog in one of their tubs, everything provided (apron, shampoo, towels, fur blower etc). And they also trim his nails which normally costs more then that at the vet. Helen was very happy and Drifter liked it.






Sunday Nov 29


Another sleepover. It's Sunday morning. Church service is at 9 am.



It was a nice service. First Sunday of Advent. The wreath is the first decoration and one candle is lit. Helen had to miss it because she woke up stuffy and feeling lousy. But we are known as William's grandparents and are guided where to go when.

After church William has bell choir practice. He really likes it and I think it's a great program for the very young.






School next day - no sleepover. Accepting that is always a little difficult for our sweet grandson so Helen came up with the idea it's easier for him to part if he doesn't have to leave our place but we leave his house or a restaurant. Works much better. So this night we have dinner at Logan's. William really likes the peanuts. Especially opening them.




Monday Nov 30


In the afternoon (Papa and William had all the fun) and after dinner last night I was successful finishing the newsletter except for a few little things which require contacting the church in the morning. Yeah!

That means I can help Helen with her Chrismons for her church. They need to be done to be wrapped Wednesday evening. It's the new improved version of this pattern (which reminds me that I have to load that up on my Chrismon blog. Sigh)




Tuesday Dec 1


The wood on our deck was rotting and needed to be replaced. Ben wanted to do it and this was the week. It is not so easy for a self-imployed person to schedule and the weather has to be considered too. It had rained since Saturday and sometimes with buckets. It was muddy but the old was taken off.




We have very nice neighbors. Mike is checking whether we need something.



Dinner at Helen and Ben's. The Advent calendar has started today. William had found a Lego Advent calendar in the sack. He will have a little present from us every day now. He is pointing to the number 1.




Wednesday Dec 2


The rain seemed to have stopped. James and I are bringing the old wood around to the street. Ben will come to bring it to the dump.



No, James, it's red but not Ben's. Ha-ha, he almost put it into the wrong one.



In the evening we met Helen and Willam at their church. A light supper and a wonderful service with amazing sung music. I also love blue Advent paraments. Not many churches have those.




Thursday Dec 3


Ah, the sun is shining. Ben is done with his (paid) job and he and James buy the new wood.



They made good progress until it got too cold in the late afternoon.



Day 2 of the Adventsacks from us was a new pan and lid with the recipe and mix for stove top pizza. I had volunteered to demonstrate the pizza making at their house. I did forget to bring my pan but fortunately they had a second one which also worked. At least I had not forgotten the toppings.




Friday Dec 4


Beautiful sunshine. James loves Ben's tools and starts playing. He could put down all the planks which didn't need sawing.



Helen wanted to give Silvi the same beauty-treatment as Drifter and wanted my help so we met at that place. Silvi is a very old lady by now. She never liked water much but Helen was very gentle and she knows me too. Surely she felt better afterwards.





The finished deck (took this picture a few days later). So happy this is done. Staining or painting in spring!

THANK YOU so much, Ben!



Yes, no school tomorrow! Guess who is coming tonight! But this blog is already getting too long.



  1. So glad to see you are having a wonderful (if BUSY) time in Nashville! We miss you, though.

    William needs someone to take him to New Orleans to the Train Gardens (Google images)! They are amazing and he’d love them. They are right next to a wonderful old school ‘Storyland’ with rides and fairy book attractions.

    1. Oh oh, that sounds like something he would love to see ... and we too. Thanks.