Thursday, March 17, 2016

This and that again

I thought "what should I call this blog?". I left it way too long again and as always every day is full of activities. All are fun but not all worth writing about.

Back from our trip to the Azores Sarah invited us to dinner. Caleb was happy to see us (Feb 28).



March 4: oh no, not again. We woke up to this! Luckily it was gone soon.





I thought it was my turn to invite for dinner but of course it is easier "on Caleb's turf" so we took everything for taco salad "over the river". No problem.

We go early enough to have some playtime. Caleb is serious about his bedtime.




When you have this idea in your head it keeps working on you. I did a lot of sewing lately. This quilt "in honor" of the beaver which seems to cut down one tree after the other behind our place in Nashville is pieced and is waiting to be quilted.



James took it upon himself to take care of our two hibiscus during the winter. And it paid off!




Monday March 7 - James is training for his next Camino. If I mention that I would like to go for a hike, I don't have to say it twice. I suggested to do another part of High Bridge Trail State Park which goes through Farmville. This time we started close to Moran and walked to Rice and back.









We had lunch on exactly the same bench as before (see blog!).




This stretch of rail trail is not quite as interesting but we had a good time anyway. It was about 8 miles and we felt so good that we had to stop and celebrate at a DQ.




Saturday March 12 was just too busy. At a funeral service at our church I learned that rosemary branches are used in flower arrangements for rememberance.



Assembling a Retirement Emergency Kit for the party in honor of next-door neighbor Bill.



No picture of the Richmond Forum ... speaker former Primeminister of Australia Julia Gillard. Very very interesting!

We had to sleep fast because Caleb was arriving Sunday morning at 7:45 am and we lost an hour of sleep when we put our clocks forward an hour to summer time. Sarah was working this weekend and we offered to Wade to keep Caleb until after his nap.

Caleb was really no problem in church. After lunch we went for a little walk in the neighborhood. He seems to like concrete figures. He wanted to touch the rabbit.





Touch? Touch? O.k.!




There was also a Buddha in the middle of the flowerbed. "Touch baby?"

What else? My amaryllis has the third stalk with flowers without rest. I love watching it grow, developed and show its beauty for quite a while.




Besides doing volunteer work for the church I did a lot of sewing. I am going to write about the "curved log cabins the German way" on my other blog. I have finished writing the directions.



There was something else very exciting but I have to write about that some other time.


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  1. I love the look on concentration of both Caleb’s and the kitty’s faces! And “touch baby?” made me laugh!