Saturday, March 26, 2016

William in D. C.



What a day! What a day!

We know how much William likes to ride on a train, loves museums and he had just learned about the White House in kindergarten. So Papa had bought train tickets a while ago. He could not get tickets for a tour inside the White House though. You needed to request 6 months ago.

We had to get up VERY early because the train left at 7 am. William was ready though.




Ready to board.



We had planned so carefully. I had laid out snacks and drinks and made sandwiches for breakfast the night before. Unfortunately, things on the table got packed. Things out of the fridge did not. But we had enough snacks until we had a coffee and bagel at Union Station after arrival.



Union Station is quite posh and Helen liked the staircase.



We took the Metro to a station close to the White House. The next thing William could check off because he wanted to ride a train underground.



At the White House.



William is cute but the lawn is a bit of a disgrace.





Security. OMG. Can't even just go across the street. Sigh.




William was a trooper. He had to take many more steps with his little legs then we do. We decided not to have an agenda and just to have fun. We missed seeing the cherry blossoms but so what. There is so much to see in DC and you can't see everything.



I posted this photo on Facebook "William is holding things up here".



We went into the Smithonian Museum of Natural History. He loved it! There was so much to see. Here only a few of the pictures.






We splurged and ate in the cafeteria ... and made fun of the "gold-plated" salad and peanut-butter-jelly-sandwich.




Of course there was also a department with meteorites.



This touched me the most. I don't think I would like to be remembered like Josef J. Fénykövi.



And on we walked. The sun was shining right into William's eyes. But you have to take a picture with the capital behind you. Don't you! (even if it is not flattering of Omi)




Oh, another of William's favorite interests. He and Ur-Opa Heinz would have had a lot to talk about. Me, I was happy about the bench.



In a real plane. He had to look and see what the thing he just turned did to the wings.



Interactive paper-plane making and flying.




We were almost out of the building when he decided he had not been in the space lab yet. Thanks, Papa. You can see them just disappearing.



We could not have had a better day ... weather wise and all. Trees and bushes blooming.







William's little legs did it just to James and my favorite pub across from Union Station. We stop there almost every time we are in Washington. It's dinner time.




The 7 pm to go home. Everything so exciting for William.







Several of the photos are from Helen. The following is of course one of them. Once it's dark outside and not much to see ...



We were home around 9:30 pm. It had been a wonderful day. Somehow seeing things a bit through William's eyes. He had been great and was asleep in a few seconds.

Tomorrow we can sleep in a little. I hope.


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  1. I grew up in Washington and it is such a wonderful place for kids. All the museums are free and there is so much park area to enjoy. I just love seeing the joy on William’s face in all the pictures.

    I LOVE The Dubliner! Spent many evenings there with friends during summer breaks from college! Haven’t been there in years – must take Mike there!