Friday, March 25, 2016

Yeah! Visitors from TN

Monday March 21


Helen and William arrive at RIC just before 6 pm. The other passengers where smiling how William was running and calling our names.



Helen shared the next two pictures from their travels. William is a very good traveler.




Some dinner and then William helped with his bed.






Tuesday 22nd


I had told Helen that I knew a Quilting Teacher who would come to the house and would teach her anything she wanted to learn. I thought she wanted to learn how to quilt by hand and classes where never at the right time. Helen wanted it early so we had the rest of the day to do other things. Phoebe came at 9 am.

(Papa and William went soon to a park but Papa forgot his phone so .. no pictures)



Phoebe showed us samples. There are samples of quilting with small stitches which blend in.



There is quilting with thicker thread which is supposed to show off.



I forgot to take a photo of what Helen was working on. We found the perfect "orphan block" and she tried both techniques.

After the lesson and lunch we all went shopping. William needed new shoes and summer things. The boy is growing! We had such a good coupon! Then he was patiently waiting while his Mommy tried things on.



After that we arranged to meet Auntie Sarah after her work with Caleb at a Sweet Frog place. Oh, the boys had fun.






Caleb has to wipe his mouth. He has always been good doing that.




After that we decided to all go to "Auntie's house". The cousins had so much fun playing together.







We order pizza take-out. Papa had to go twice though because the girl who had taken the order had totally screwed it up. At least it was free then. The second time William had to go with Papa to help to make sure it would be right. It was delicious though.

On the way back to our place I had quite a job to keep William awake in the car. He was asleep in his bed in no time.



Lovely day!


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  1. How lovely to have an Easter visit from family! And how wonderful that William is so thrilled to see you! There is nothing like a reception like that!!