Monday, March 28, 2016

The Cousins


Sarah had taken a day vacation so she could spend some time with her sister and godson too. Caleb didn't go to daycare either. They came early and we all had breakfast. And then we played.



The weather was gorgeous and there are many places in the Richmond Area to have a good time. We decided though to keep it very relaxed. Don't know who came up with it but we went to ARC Park, the park for "All Ages, All Abilities". The best park I have ever seen.

The cousins thought so too.












When we arrived at the park first there were quite a lot of people. It got lighter after a while though. First time we saw this pipe it was full with more then half a dozen little girls and no way a boy would be allowed. Better luck the second time.






They really liked the musical instrument section.





Back to the house for some more play. Actually, William wanted to do some reading.

William read to Caleb who likes books too.


William kept reading even after his audience had left.



Lunch is ready. First grilling of the season. Gosh, it's nice to be outside.



Auntie and Caleb are leaving because it's close to his nap time. William is the official garage door opener and closer. Either this way or with the remote in the car (passed to the backseat).



For dinner we were invited to Sarah and Wade. Love their screened porch.



Helen had brought playdo for each of them. "Hair cutting" set.




Had to keep William awake again on the way home. If you play so hard all day ...

A wonderful day!


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  1. What a fabulous park! Wish they’d had something like that when Jessie was little! I loved the picture of the boys in the tunnel!