Wednesday, August 3, 2016

First Grade

Tuesday August 2nd

The students meet their teachers and find out to which class room they should report the next day. William is very excited. Mommy is schlepping the supplies mentioned on the class supply list.

Of course William is very excited about "die Schultüte" too. We explained to him what it was and why he was getting it. Only once in a lifetime. Only on the first day of first grade. Not every year. He must have asked a dozen times whether he really could keep it and whether all was for him.




He likes his teacher Ms Adkins and so do we.



First grade street. There are 4 classes.



Afterwards all 5 of us went for an early dinner. While waiting for the ordered food William finally unwrapped the little gifts. He had a lot of fun. We all did.






First day of school, even if it is only a half day. Helen arranged to work only the afternoon so she could walk him to school and pick him up again. We met them where she works to take care of him so she could do her teaching. The first thing he told us that school is great!

We had to return something to Kohl's so we drove to Smyrna, had lunch and took care of the errand.

Helen had posted this picture from the morning on FB.



And this was in his backpack. 5 chocolate kisses (which William shared with us!)



Back at the townhouse the boys spent time together playing and watching a little TV while I did a little kitchen work. There was something on Facebook in the morning about Cherry Clafoutis and I had to try it. We had gone shopping in the morning and bought the cherries. Actually we got them free because the cash register tried to charge the wrong price. Way too expensive!

The recipe is a keeper. Delicious and looked so good. And I forgot to take a picture. It was dessert after dinner.

William didn't care too much about his fish in tomato sauce (new recipe -not a keeper) but he loved his salad. He needed fork and spoon at the end to get everything. He asked whether that would count for his clean-plate-award too (dessert). Yes, of course.




And tonight one more sleepover because there is no school Thursday. First full day of school Friday!



  1. The Schultüte is beautiful! What a great job you all did on it. I really like that tradition.

    First day of school! How exciting and what lovely memories you all have made.

    No picture of the Clafouti?

    1. Sorry about the (no picture) Clafoutis. I wanted to do it again here last Sunday but no cherries worth buying. I did it with blueberries. Tasted good but didn't look nearly as nice. No picture either.

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