Sunday, August 28, 2016

More about ... die Schultüte

We miss our Nashvillers very much, especially since we can't plan a visit at the moment. FaceTime is a wonderful way to stay in touch, but there is still the good ol' postal mail too. I looked for photos to include in a letter to William. He just started first grade but is already an amazing reader.
I reported about William's "Schultüte" here and here is his mother on her first day of school.

And 6 years later here is William's Auntie Sarah on her first day of school.

The older sister got lucky on that day. Can't remember what was in any of them.

It's clear from the pictures that these Schultüten were store-bought in Germany though. We must have had Opa Heinz or Omi Ulla visit before each event and bring them.
Love my girls!

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