Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Three more sleepovers


After three mornings seeing William waking up with a smile and asking for Omi's applesauce with oats for breakfast it was rather low-key today. It was Ben's birthday but he had to work. So Helen and William were coming for lunch. Helen hoped I would make a tomato pie like for her sister last week. It could be regular crust but she preferred a cauliflower crust (a new thing?). I googled!



The result! (two extra individual dishes because I had too much cauliflower)



Helen was so happy about it (it was quite delicious) that she posted on Facebook. The result: people wanted the recipe.

I wrote down my version and Helen passed it along. If you are interested you find it clicking the tab "From my Kitchen" at the top of the blog site.



After lunch Helen, William and I had to do the "back to school" shopping with the "wish list" from his school's first grade class. OMG what a zoo! But we were successful and that is all that matters.

Helen and William had made a most delicious chocolate birthday cake for Ben and of course we all sang.




Ben signaled William to help to blow out the candles.





I can't remember what we did during the day but I am sure it involved a lot of crawling on the floor. We had to make improvements to the train tracks. William had arrived with his little red suitcase again for the next three nights.




Blessings of the backpacks at their church. All the students were asked to stand up which William did of course.


All the students were asked to lift up their backpacks so they could be blessed.



Besides the prayer for the students we had prayers for the teachers and then for the parents too.

And a blessing for Drifter the therapy dog. Helen and Drifter are in the READING PAWS program helping every year children who have a problem. They gave a presentation afterwards in the Sunday school class.



After lunch at the townhouse William and Helen played battleship. William is quite good already but a little help from Papa is appreciated.






William won!



Helen had to go home to prepare for her lessons for the coming week. Double this week since she was filling in for somebody else too.

We so wished we could do something outside but it us just too hot and muggy. But inside play is better then none. William is not tired of the "helicopter game" yet. But the flying disc sometimes ends up behind the furniture. It's a problem to get it back from behind the sofa so we got smart and used a sheet after this.








William likes experiments. We had played with this last year and he suddenly remembered.




Ah, another bridge!





Well, and then there is the shark which spits very light balls. Trying to get them into the bucket. Omi is hopeless, Papa is pretty good and even William managed to get it in a couple of times.





Bath time. Time to relax and come down from jumping etc. He did something with the bubbles and wanted me to get Papa which I didn't think was a good idea since he comes up later for the reading anyway. So William told me to at least take a photo. Well, OK.



He does the reading! Loves it!



And when he is asleep I fill the "Schultüte".



Can't get everything in.





Since Helen has to work she asked us to take him to his haircut appointment. Turned out that we needed to call a plumber because there was a leak at the guest toilette tank and James hat to stay home. The appointment was at 11 but we were ready way earlier so tried our luck. William and I were at the door of the Sharkey haircut place when they opened at 10 and were finished in 20 minutes. She knew exactly how he had it last time so I was happy.





He told me right away that it felt so much better. His words!

Since everything seemed to be going so well we popped into Target and were lucky to find school uniform tops for him. One color for every day in the week. After I washed them he had fun organizing them to take home. I wished they had better colors but since school has now started the shelves were empty. May be I will have better luck in Virginia where school doesn't start again until September.



It's meet the Teacher time tonight so we have to pack everything up and be with him at his house at 4:30pm.


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