Monday, November 7, 2016

Busy October ... and Halloween

Sunday Oct 23

The Bishop came to St Martin's. In the Episcopal church the bishop has to do the confirmation. We have three bishops in our diocese. Bishop Ted arrived here in Virginia after us. He came from Kentucky where he was our bishop there for about 15 years. And he recognized us. He remembered that I had been doing the Chrismons for Grace Church and told me that he had two, the wheat and (? I can't remember what he said). Good that I had come prepared. I gave him this year's Chrismon (which is going to be the cup and chalice).


We are having a very nice Autumn/Fall. The camellia which we transplanted is doing great in the new place. Look at the lovely flower. And more to come.

Caleb wanted to spend the night (Wade had a late business meeting out of town and would be too late home to pick him up from daycare).
He wanted to go for a walk and use the tricycle. He pedaled along some but on the way back he wanted to give Tuffy a ride.

Caleb helped me to make dinner. We made "spiders" with noodles and hotdogs for him. He had fun with it and ate them. This photo is of the "not-so-good-ones". The others were all gone by now.

He also wanted Papa to read the Gruffalo book to him. Sarah told us that he is still talking about it.

I am surprised. I think Caleb is the only one who doesn't like my cranberry bars for dessert. We settled for a papa-cookie.

Tuesday 25

In the evening Sarah sent us a video. Caleb was working on his birthday wish list.
This VIDEO is a keeper! It ACTUALLY is a keeper (you understand after you have seen it).

One of us (James or me) or both try to help Sarah every day. She would be perfectly capable to manage by herself but on the other hand she assures us that it is very helpful if she doesn't have to. This day she had a long list of errands to do ... mailings, returns, exchanges, shopping etc. 5 stops altogether. We packed the twins in the car but I stayed with them in the car the first 3 stops, took them out for the 4th (Target!) and I hopped out at the 5th to get lunch from Panera.
Driving that twin-stroller has to be learned too. Goodness gracious! It's like a limousine. Not easy going around the corners.

Edy might feel a little neglected. She made herself comfy in my lap so I really couldn't move. I asked Sarah to take the picture because I thought it might be cute. What really was cute was Owen's smile. Of course I couldn't see that one. Happy to see it in a picture.

Colin couldn't care less.

Sunday October 30 was sooooo busy. There was a surprise at church though. The children were using the children bells for the first time. James and I had seen them in Helen's church in Nashville. William loved practicing with them. We have so many children now in our church here that we thought it would be a great thing. Love seeing all these children in our church.

In the afternoon we had free tickets for a concert. The President's Own Military band was at the Glen Allen High School. We loved it. It was great.

In the evening I was pretty much done with the monthly newsletter for our church. I happen to be the editor now. It is quite labor intensive but I enjoy doing it. If you want to have a look CLICK HERE.

Monday October 31 - Halloween

The twins have a cute outfit especially for this day. (Don't scare me. I poop easily!)

Sarah invited us to go "trick or treating" with them. You can see that Caleb is ready and his brothers too. It was a slightly chilly evening so those covers (a gift made by my friend Janet) were used for the first time.

The houses in their community have big yards so the driveways are far apart. Caleb went to a few houses and had fun. And he got still plenty of candy.

Thanks to modern day gadgets we knew a little about William's Halloween too. I think you can guess what he wanted to be. The last two years he was an astronaut. This year that costume didn't fit any longer. Helen had a heck of a time to find one which was the right size. And it only will fit this year. She is sure about that. 

We are so proud of him. He is a good student and an excellent reader. The next picture is a cut-out of a group photo taken from his school site. He has all straight A grades. Keep it up, William!

The really great thing about him being a good and happy reader ... I can write a letter to him every week and he loves reading it. Helen says that he waits for it. 

Life is good. 


  1. At-chuwy, he’s the cutest thing I’ve seen in a LONG time! And Owen’s smile is the BEST!!! I cannot wait to meet the twins and see the very much more grown up Caleb!!