Saturday, November 26, 2016

Caleb's 3rd Birthday

Sarah tried to keep it low key but they have lots of friends and family. Of course she wanted it to be fun so some preparations had to be done. Omi and Papa helped with the twins of course. Two bundt cakes were needed for the birthday cake. Sarah used the recipe for Elvis Presley's favorite pound cake. Yummy!

Since the theme was "Curious George" we also made about a dozen "George heads" for decorations you see later in photos.

November 19!

Looks like "the man in the yellow hat" was here.

The fun bus was there from 11 - 12 am ... and fun was what everybody had.

Well, the twins could have not cared less. No surprise though.
The weather could not have been any better though. It's November! Lucky lucky!

Lots of photos were taken. 

There was lots of space to enjoy. One of the little guests decided he would rather use Caleb's lawnmower to run around.

After the bus had left, lunch was provided. Baked potatoes, chili, all the trimmings, of course hot dogs etc. Sarah had additionally borrowed 3 crock pots from me.

And then came the birthday cake. 

And more play!

Of course Caleb's "other" grandparents were there for the weekend AND his grand-Nana. That made for a wonderful weekend for Caleb.

James and I had to leave before supper because we had the first event of our RICHMOND FORUM season. We love those events. Always very interesting and lots to think about.

Sunday afternoon: the Opera!

Another really great event. But why is everything always crowded into the same time-space?
The next day we are leaving for Nashville. So looking forward to seeing Helen, William and Ben.
Auntie Sarah did pack a piece of the birthday cake for William.

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  1. What a fantastic CAKE! Hurrah, Sarah! And Happy Birthday to Caleb!