Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The best Intentions ...

November 5   (really? yes, the best intentions! I wanted to do more timely and shorter posts. Sigh)

At least James and I could go on a little hike. The weather was just perfect and we so enjoyed it.

It always amazes me how much nature you have in the middle of a big town.

The river is very low. Lots of people were walking all over the rocks.

Besides the monthly meetings of the lacemakers and different quilters there were lots of church activities this month.

Church friends had also put two rose buds on the altar which they do in our church for newborns.

The church bazaar was on Saturday the 12. I had to do some sewing and baking. Here are some samples. Everything sold which makes you happy when you put effort into it.

We also had a raffle of a little Christmas tree with all of my 24 Chrismon designs. At the last minute I had decided that a large version of the Angel had to be on the top. The raffle brought in good donations too.

Since our CR community also had a bazaar the following Friday afternoon and a table was only $15 I decided to reserve one for eventual leftovers. That turned out to be a good idea because we sold lots and church friends took shifts with me.

November 12 - Yes, it's Autumn. Leaves on the trees were turning in all sort of colors ... or fall down. No surprise that it gets cold sometimes. The first frost warning but only for one night and then it is supposed to get warmer again. Too early to take the hibiscus in but it needs to be covered up.

... and then uncovered the next morning.

Was it the Super Moon's fault?

Sarah had some plans for improving things in the house. Caleb is helping. He has his own tools.

He also helps his father in the garden ... in his own way. Saw this next morning.

Yes, here some baby pictures:
Sarah so appreciates help with the twins. Once in a while a bath is due. First Colin. 

Then Owen.

Hope they forgive me in 16 years, ha-ha.

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  1. I loved meeting Colin and Owen at the Holiday Market! And Caleb is definitely the proud big brother.