Thursday, July 27, 2017

Birthday weekend

The 23rd is Sarah's birthday ... and she wasn't even scheduled to work that weekend. 

On Saturday they all came to lunch and then went to our community pool when it was children's hour. As it was a brutely hot day they all enjoyed it. 

Homemade mango ice cream for dessert. 

Caleb likes it as much as his cousin William. 

Sunday - THE day!

James and I arrived at 5 to play a little with the twins before their bedtime ... and may be help. 

Colin got blisters on both big toes from busily scooting around. 

After dinner it was time...
Caleb had talked about his "secret" all weekend. 

And then one game before bedtime. He started counting. 

Happy happy Birthday, Sarah!

(btw I have written two blogs on my "Love of Threads" blog ... in case you are interested)

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