Saturday, July 29, 2017


Yup, IKEA was the answer. I had the idea for a while and last Monday we drove there. 82 or 86 miles (depending how you look it up) but how long it takes to drive is totally unpredictable ... because of the TRAFFIC around Fredericksburg. 

We were lucky going there. We found exactly what we were looking for, had Swedish meatballs for lunch and were very pleased to get the many items in the car including the 90" long one. That one weighed a ton. 

On the way.back we were not so lucky with the traffic and it took one hour longer then it should have. 

At home James contacted Robert, who had done our Portico addition (March 2015). He came soon for an estimate and called us a couple of days later that he could do it Friday because he was going to be rained out of another job. Lucky us. 

This is what needs attention. The pantry is so inefficient. Too much wasted space all around. A consultation/suggestion from the closet genie didn't give me what I needed and also was very expensive. 

Friday (yesterday)
As soon as Robert had arrived I emptied it. Didn't want to hold things up. 

We had put both cars outside and he had the run of the garage. 

Oh yeah. It will be fun (?) finding places for everything. 

The door with frame is gone. 

The cabinet is assembled. Enough for today. 

Saturday morning

Robert returned at 8 am and had planned how to proceed. The included little legs were not going to be used. The IKEA lady who had helped us also had not included a kick board in the list. 

Soon the opening was made wider and the box put in. 

Finished with trim and all. The hardware has to wait until the cabinets are painted and everything gets new hardware. 

Now begins the really hard part. Giving everything its place. And oh yes, need one more drawer and shelf. 

I am a happy girl. It turned out exactly as I had envisioned it. Robert confessed that he was very happy with the results too because he had thought in the beginning it sounded crazy. 


  1. That is fantastic looking. Can't wait to see everything all done! Congratulations!

  2. Very impressed! Ikea has good and bad points with there cabinets but they do a great job designing the functions.