Saturday, July 15, 2017

What a week

Since time now runs away from me, actually more like two weeks. But so much was happening and not much time to put the stuff out of the suitcase away. At least everything is washed. Hanging it outside is against our community rules though but nobody can see it since we are at the edge of the woods and it offending anybody. 

When you are gone for a month you have a heap of mail waiting. Yeah, something really nice was laying on top. A big brown envelope with my Cotton Robin. The BIG REVEAL has not happened yet so I can't show mine yet ... only the backside.  In a few days you can read about it on my "lace and quilt blog" though. So exciting and fun. 

Our first day back home and our help was needed "over the river". Sarah had to work till 9:30 pm and Wade had to go out of town for his company and because of traffic on I-95 around Fredericksburg could not be back in time to pick his three sons up from daycare. 
Great. We were happy to see them anyway after being gone for a month. 

On Sunday Independence celebration with outdoor service at our church. Very nice. 

A long 4th of July weekend but Sarah had to work Monday and Tuesday. So James joined Wade for a walk on Monday. Wade and James shared these photos with me. They had fun. 

We are enjoying typical Virginia hot and humid weather when weeds are growing the fastest, especially if you are gone for a while. Look at our front flower bed. I didn't want to be the embarrassment of the neighborhood and spent a little time a few mornings early before showering. It was actually fun. I could see results really fast. 

Saturday July 8 everybody was still happy as can be.
The twins had changed a lot in the time we were gone. Colin is now on the move, crawling and pulling himself up to stand. Owen crawls backwards and ends up with his legs under furniture. 

Two days later the first signs that they brought something not so nice back from daycare. 

On her day off Tuesday Sarah came over with all because she had promised Caleb that he could swim in our community pool. I had a quilters meeting in the morning so James got take-out for lunch for all of us. Colin enjoyed some of the red beets I prepared for another quilters meeting that evening. Sarah was happy that somebody in her family now enjoys pickles and such beside her. 

Caleb and Colin had a lot of fun in the pool. I kept Owen because his eyes were worse. 

Owen could not go to daycare on Wednesday so I was at their house by 7:30 am. It was a miserable day for poor Owen. His fever yo-yo-ed which Omi found scary. 

I think Sarah and Wade must have been with at least one of the twins at the doctor every day that week. Double ear infections and eye infections. Owen was so miserable because we think he is also working on molars. 

Since I am way late writing this I can  report that Sarah told me on the phone today that the children are fine now. Unfortunately can't say the same about the parents. 

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  1. I can just imagine that joyous reunion! Glad the boys are better!